After the spiraling confusion of the recent Mercury retrograde/Neptunian partnership, I find myself gravitating even more towards the calm center that helps me to ground, find more peace and balance, and re-energize myself.  This piece from Rupert Spira inspires me, and I hope you will like it too. 

Meditation is simply to abide as oneself.

We remain as we are and allow the mind, the body and the world to appear and disappear without interference.

All that we perceive are our perceptions. We have no evidence that a world exists outside our perception of it. We do not perceive a world “out there” – we perceive our perception of the world and all perception takes place in Consciousness.

In meditation we simply allow this thinking/sensing/perceiving to be whatever it is from moment to moment. This thinking/sensing/perceiving is always moving, always changing. We simply allow it to flow through us, to appear, to remain and to disappear. In fact, that is all that is happening anyways.

We remain as we are and we allow the mind, the body and the world to be as they are. …

We simply allow everything to be as it is. As we allow everything to be as it is, we are, unknowingly at first, taking our stand in our true nature. In fact, we have never left our true nature, but now we begin to reside there knowingly.

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