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Over the next few days Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune, the planet of transcendent creativity, imagination and the truth that stretches beyond that which is known. Mars in Virgo is more crafty; it seeks order and purpose, so this is a complicated planetary combination that asks us to reach outside of our comfort zone in order to find a structure within which magic can happen.

I first found this as a little meme on Instagram, but the whole piece is quite beautiful and really speaks to this stretch of Neptunian inspiration we have right now. 💝

One day you will realize that true success is not the way things look, but how they feel. And a life that feels truly good will require you to be uncomfortable. It will ask you to stretch. It will force you to be vulnerable, to lay your heart bare. It will prompt you to make the hardest choices, and to reconcile the fact that sometimes, what’s hard is also what’s right. It will force you into integrity. It will open you where you’ve tried to build every wall. It will make you process every hurt you thought you had moved beyond, only to discover it’s been lingering somewhere inside, waiting to be felt, to be held.

One day you will realize that true success is not someplace you might arrive one day, but the way in which you take each step in stride. It is the way you move forward, how you make the most of anything and everything around you. One day you will realize that the path to where you want to be is paved from the pieces that are already in front of you. One day you will realize that you were only ever meant to do what you can with what you have. One day you will know that if you keep reaching in the direction of your heart’s calling, eventually you will land.

One day you will realize it is entirely possible to have everything on the surface, but an emptiness just beneath. This is because we can never have enough of what we don’t truly want, and the things we do want? They will require us to risk. To face. To be honest, and true. It will require us to ask for the love we are seeking, and to give all of it back, a thousand times over. It will shatter our egos and diminish our defenses and make us start over again and again, until we have built ourselves a little corner of the world we are proud of. Until we have arrived not at a place in the world where there is nothing but peace, but a place in our souls that is evergreen.

Brianna Wiest

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