From an astrological viewpoint, we are patterned beings. The astrological chart reveals the patterns that we have brought into this life, and which we tend to repeat. For example, someone with Mars in Aries (action and initiation, warrior energy) opposed by Pluto (oppression and power) is likely to have early childhood experiences in which their power is taken away. This can take many forms – physical or emotional abuse, or simply being told repeatedly of their lack of worth. The pattern is in the natal chart, meaning this person was born with this predisposition before anything happened to them. This doesn’t mean that person is doomed to a lifetime of trauma and failure;  the pattern in the chart also serves as the key for releasing the bondage of that pattern and transforming that very pattern into the thing which will empower them for a better future.

I was thinking about this on my walk this morning, inspired by my client who told me “It feels as though I have unzipped myself and a new version of myself has walked through.”  This new vision, unencumbered by the traps and bondage of the past, requires relearning how to live and creating new patterns of thought and action to support a life that is not bound by old beliefs and fears. Voices of our mothers, past failures which haunt us, memories of sexual trauma – all of these things are very real, but they are not us. They have wrapped us in a prison of silk and brocade, a rich tapestry of memories and beliefs that were true at the time but which do not exist in this present moment.

This new version of ourselves is free and liberated from anything but right now. The gentle breeze, the warmth of the sun, the love of a companion animal or friend, the delicious meal you have just prepared, the sense of comfort when things around you are just right. As we step out of ourselves and emerge in this Truth, we can write a new story. The patterns of the natal chart which wrote the tale of woe will serve as the keys to our transformation and empowerment. That Mars in Aries opposed by Pluto is transformed into confidence and empowerment. The Saturn/Moon conjunction which predisposed us to depression becomes a love for the rich inner world which solitude can bring. The Venus/Uranus square which made it so difficult to find a loving partner offers an opportunity for new ways to be in relationship in which our individuality is honored.

Mars is in Aries right now where it is at its most Mars-y, inspiring and energizing. This is the perfect time to emerge out of the past and into the present moment and find the gifts that await us. ❤️

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