In honor of today’s conjunction of the Sun to Chiron in Aries, the sign of initiation and identity, I offer this beautiful piece from Jeff Foster. We can’t heal wounds which we cover with a mask. The healing of old wounds of not-enoughness is simplified when we present ourselves in true Aries fashion, with the confidence and innocence of a new babe. 

There is nothing more liberating
than being yourself.
Not your ‘self’,
but yourself.
Not the ‘self’ you invented in order to win love.
Not the mask you wear in order to please people,
make them like and approve of you,
win fame and money and build your status.
Not the façade, the games and roles you play
in order to prove how loveable you are, how kind,
how compassionate, how sexy, how wise, how funny,
how nice, how intelligent, how ‘spiritual’,
how free from worldly concern.
But your True Self.
The One that was there before you invented ‘self’,
before you put on that false and suffocating mask.
The One that isn’t afraid of being exposed,
of being seen, of being ‘found out’,
because there’s nothing to hide and nothing to lose.
The One who speaks truth and only truth.
The One you will return to upon death.
The One that no mask can create, destroy,
or truly hide.
Let yourself be seen, today.
Only illusions can be lost.
And all masks will burn.
– Jeff Foster
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