In looking at the chart for Inauguration Day I thought I would take a look at the minor asteroids, some of the 10,000 named asteroids that hold a place in our solar system.  Lo and behold, I discovered that in the astrology chart for the United States, the Moon (soul) is in a harmonious trine to the asteroid America, and Pluto (creative destruction and transformation) forms a challenging square to the asteroid America.  The Moon, in idealistic Aquarius in the US chart, is itself in a semisextile aspect to Pluto, denoting the awkward and uncomfortable connection of the soul of the country (Moon) to the dark side of its history (Pluto) – the conflict between the ideals of its founding and the brutal realities of its relentless push for expansion (Sagittarius ascendant) and prosperity (Pluto in the 2nd house) which resulted in genocide of the native peoples and enslavement of Africans.  And with the US Pluto return approaching, Pluto will once again set off that awkward semisextile to the Moon and square the asteroid America, forcing the country to confront the question of what is this country all about.  What is America?

America is pretty unique in that there really is no cohesive idea of what America is, other than a nebulous idea of freedom and liberty which is in the Declaration of Independence.  Apparently from the inception of the government there was debate about how the country was to be run – as a federation of states? As a republic?  How much power would the states have to run themselves? etc. etc.  In France there is a pretty good idea of what it’s like to be French.  The Germans have their own unique personality.  But America, as a melting pot, is a concoction of a wide diversity of players. Beginning with the English who settled the first colonies, followed by the Scots Irish, and the Irish Irish, and Germans, and Scandinavians of all kinds, and Jews, the pot did not melt easily.  Even though all of these early groups were White, they disliked each other intensely and fought for supremacy.  Racism included prejudice against whichever group immigrated after yours did.

In any case, this uncomfortable truce between peoples is clearly identified in the astrological chart with this challenging semi-sextile from Pluto to the Moon, and the battle for the soul of America is shown by the challenging square from Pluto to the asteroid America.  Any time we are dealing with Pluto, we are dealing with the higher wisdom of the Universe.  This country, what we call America, was an experiment in bringing people together under new ideals – ideals of liberty and justice.  Perhaps this was in preparation for the age of Aquarius to which we are transitioning right now.  Perhaps it was just an accident of history that chose this particular body of land for this great experiment.  But because Pluto is involved, transformation is inevitable. Does that mean that under the US Pluto return the country will break up into two or more divisions?  The election in Georgia taught that we are no longer just north and south – there is a blending and sprinkling and truly melting together of so much diversity right now that splitting up is no longer an option.  The peaceful integration really must take place.

Saturn transited US Pluto throughout 2020, facilitating the breakdown phase before the upcoming Pluto return which begins officially in February of 2022 but is certainly in range now.  We will face challenges over the next year that will further expose the fissures in the idealistic facade of the national identity, but this is a good thing.  As with any Pluto experience, it will be hard, and it might be terrible.  But in the end the transformation will facilitate the advancement of humanity as a whole, and perhaps even help us to all live together with greater understanding and in peace. ❤️

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