“This is the time to draw nearer to each other.

This is the time to forgo building our businesses to build intimate relationships; relationships of meaning and care, of day-to-day relevance and the wisdom of skin-to-skin.

This is the time to measure our merit based on our actual, measurable relevance; relevance to the people around us (human and more-than-human).

This is the time to get closer to the Earth, to be sustained by its magnitude, complexity and benevolence.

This is the time to remember what silence feels like, to sit in circle together around the Fire and catch the new songs and gestures; ones that will shepherd us into and through the dark belly of this grief, to come out the other side as humans with the resilience to weather the unimaginable human-made storm, whose early winds are already blowing.”

Christiane Pelmas 

thank you to my friend Alisa for the quote. 

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