I’m at the beach right now, waiting for Hurricane Florence to hit the North Carolina coast.  We know the storm is coming, but we don’t know when or where it will make landfall, and whether or not we will be able to stay out our week.

It struck me that this experience is very similar to the anticipation those of us who know something about astrology feel when we are waiting for a big planetary cycle to hit.  We know that something is going to happen, but we don’t know what.  Pluto has not budged all year from an intense transit to a sensitive system in my chart, and when I was watching the approach of this Pluto transit I was a little overwhelmed, wondering what it would bring.

Like hurricanes, planetary cycles are unpredictable and follow no prescribed pattern.  A Pluto transit will bring a health crisis for one person, death of a spouse to another, a burst of personal empowerment to a third.  Some of this depends on other aspects in the chart and how well an individual internalizes the energy of the transiting planet.  Someone with a lot of Pluto and Scorpio in their chart, who has learned to manage the intensity of these Plutonic energies of total destruction and regeneration, may have an easier time with a Pluto transit than someone who has not had to deal with those energies throughout a lifetime.  Individuals with heavy Saturn placements have likely had years of stress and difficulty and have built up the internal reserves to sail through the challenges and tests of a Saturn transit without a lot of resistance whereas someone with a lighter chart will find Saturn extremely difficult.

Like planets, hurricanes and tornadoes strike hardest in areas where the underlying foundations are weak.  This is not to say that we can avoid the lessons and challenges of planetary cycles by building up the foundations of our lives any more than you can avoid going to school and learning about life by reading about it.  Life happens – people die, businesses fail, marriages break up, devastation occurs.  The Universe strives to create balance and sometimes we are caught in the process of transformation through no effect of our own.

This week we are waiting to find out what Hurricane Florence will do.  We can’t change its course – nor can we do anything to minimize its effect.  We are just waiting, and attempting to surrender our ideas of what we wanted to do this week on our beach vacation.  We have a plan for what to do if Florence does make landfall on the NC coast, and we know that this is really all that we can do under the circumstances.

I believe this is exactly what we need to do when we know a major planetary cycle is impending.  We can’t stop it, we can’t control it.  We just have to be ready, and be prepared.

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