In honor of the big transits that are happening in my own chart right now (details at the bottom of the post) and my own inner explorations, I offer this beautiful piece of inspiration to let go of blocks and anxieties that keep us locked in a prison of our own story and help us convert this prison into a prism of possibilities. 💖

Can you feel it?

Life breaking through inside us like an undeniable rising tide of wild brilliance and truth..

Asking us to wake up and rediscover ourselves as the planetary beings and hearts that we are

Inviting us to break through our fears and separation

Melting the divides to find a melody that unites us.

A tune that activates all of our hearts.

A song that tells us who we are growing into.

A truth that touches us so deeply that we long to hear it with every fiber of our being,

that gives us permission,

that takes off our brakes

that unleashes the love and creativity of our whole species,

that tunes us back into the soul sanity that lives us,

that serves to ignite the more that we are

so that the power of our collective awakening

breaks us out of the mould that has held us back

and delivers the quantum shift needed

to activate our profound potential as restorers

of life’s exquisite and miraculous balance.

My current Big Transits: Uranus opposite natal Pluto/South Node, Chiron opposite natal Saturn/Sun/Neptune conjunction and squaring natal Uranus.

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