Uranus turns direct today on the heels of the Aquarius New Moon. It has been virtually stationary at 15 Taurus since early December and will not move more than a degree until mid-March. Pluto will enter Aquarius during that time as well, and with Uranus the modern ruler of Aquarius the Uranian energy is dominant right now.

Uranus is electrical and sparkly, it inspires innovation and the shattering of old paradigms so that new ones can emerge. It favors technology and new inventions, as well as social justice and equality, but can act rather impersonally and without feeling.

All of this electrical energy can cause us to feel depleted. We may tire easily and feel exhausted if we are not adequately grounded. This poem offers a beautiful reminder to help find balance during this long Uranian period. 

Each night,

before sleep pulls you into slumber

Call back the fragments of your power from where or with whom you may have left it that day,

drawing your energy back into your bones

bringing yourself into your own heart.

Let your power reside in you,

your energy recharge.

Be at peace knowing your power belongs to no one
or nowhere but inside you



mending and glowing.

~ Brigit Anna McNeill

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