The idea of a resurrection holiday, like most of our Judeo-Christian holidays, goes back thousands of years to the celebration of dying gods who rise again in the spring.  David Whyte wrote this beautiful blessing in honor of his friend, and one of my favorite writers, the late John O’Donohue. 

The blessing of the morning light to you,
may it find you even in your invisible
appearances, may you be seen to have risen
from some other place you know and have known
in the darkness and that that carries all you need.
May you see what is hidden in you
as a place of hospitality and shadowed shelter,
may that hidden darkness be your gift to give,
may you hold that shadow to the light
and the silence of that shelter to the word of the light,
may you join all of your previous disappearances
with this new appearance, this new morning,
this being seen again, new and newly alive.
David Whyte: Easter Morning 2015
In Memoriam John O’Donohue
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