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Diana Henderson

Oh, embracer of life
Whose inner sun warms us all,
We, your subjects, are soon enthralled
By the magic of your performance.
You prance upon the stage
Amid the dance of sashay and promenade.
The story teller turns the page
With great fanfare and abandon,
And the tale grows ripe and lusty,
Rich as raisins baked on California vines.
The teller and the tale do blend a potent wine ~
More outrageous and ever more divine ~
With each utterance sublime in its sheer presence.
And there is always time for one more tale,
One more song, another dance, a joyful recitation.
As long as there’s an audience to regale,
You’ll provide us with that joyful expectation
Until without reservation you bring the blazing glory
Of the sun to reign upon the mindful ear,
To evoke a laugh or bring a tear,
To bring the light to all who hear the feline roar.
Actor, singer, painter, poet, dancer of the heart,
The fire is in your art and in your artifice.
You live always with a bang and not a whimper ~
Within your temper no room for temperance.
We bask in your brilliance infused with your heat,
Imbued with the passion that knows no retreat.
You’re there to remind us to play is the thing,*
To giggle, to roar, to rant and to sing!

© 1997 Diana Henderson

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