This will not be a post to predict who will win the Superbowl, because frankly I know nearly nothing about who is playing or what factors are involved here.

But an article in last week’s Fashion section of the New York Times compared the different dating characteristics of Tom Brady and Eli Manning with football heroes from the past Joe Namath and Roger Staubach, that age-old debate between “quarterback chic” and “quarterback geek,” the article quotes writer Mark Kriegel as saying. Joe Namath was the first football superstar, dating models and appearing in celebrity gossip columns, just like Tom Brady who famously started dating Gisele Bundchen after breaking up with his pregnant girlfriend.

A look at their charts shows two powerful corrolaries between Tom Brady’s chart and that of Joe Namath, but also many differences:

  • Tom Brady has the Sun conjunct Saturn square Uranus. Joe Namath has the Sun conjunct Saturn and conjunct Uranus. The combination of these three planets indicates an individual who has low self-esteem as a youth (Sun/Saturn) and rebels against authority (Sun/Uranus), but also a strong drive to succeed (Sun/Saturn) in their own unique way (Sun/Uranus). There is also a lifelong conflict between authority (Saturn) and rebellion (Uranus).
  • Tom Brady has Moon opposite Pluto in a T-square to Venus (meaning both the Moon and Pluto are in square formation to Venus). Joe Namath has the Moon square to Pluto. Squares, oppositions and sometimes conjunctions are all stressful aspects which suggest conflict between the way the planets operate in the chart. Both men have stressful aspects between the Moon and Pluto, denoting a challenging relationship with their mother (represented by the Moon). The Moon/Pluto combination can reveal problematic relationships with women in a man’s chart, often accompanied by power struggles as the power of Pluto battles for supremacy with the emotional Moon.
  • Both men have Venus in Cancer conjunct Jupiter, suggesting a strong connection to family (Cancer) but also an ability to attract many mates (Jupiter).

The two men are very different in nature: we know that Joe Namath has Leo rising which lends a much more flamboyant personality, where Tom Brady’s Leo Sun conjuncts Saturn which creates the need to be much more private about his life and unlike Namath, he is not known as a womanizer. Namath’s Taurus Moon craves stability despite the drama inherent in the rest of his chart, where Brady’s Aries Moon craves independence. Brady’s desire to stay out of the spotlight and his hard work and application to his craft suggests that he may have Capricorn or Virgo on the ascendant which would be much more conducive to a long-lasting career rather than a flashy but less-disciplined player.

While Quarterback Chic certainly applied to Joe Namath, it appears that Tom Brady is miscast in this role! He is more likely a Geek in Chic’s clothing.

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