Thanks to Universe Today for this fantastic photo of Supernova 1987A (click photo to enlarge).

It’s hard to say whether supernovas contain any astrological symbolism that we can use, but there’s no doubt about the gamma ray energy that is released from these powerful explosions may have an effect that reaches us here on earth. Metaphysician Moira Timms writes:

Bioelectrically sensitive herself, Timms is conducting research with a local utility company in Eugene, Oregon to determine the effects of pulsed fields on human bioelectric systems. The weakening of the earth’s magnetosphere means that more ultraviolet and cosmic rays are penetrating the planet, affecting our biosystems, she notes. With the advent of the Blue Star Supernova’, which occurred on February 23, 1987, every person on the planet was potentially bombarded with more neutrinos (subatomic, massless, chargeless particles) than the sun will radiate in its entire ten-billion-year lifetime! Immediately thereafter, we were showered with ultraviolet, infrared, X and gamma rays that supposedly produced as much radiation as all the stars and galaxies in the visible universe combined!

Timms states that, Unquestionably, our subtle, or etheric bodies were influenced, our DNA, our psyches, even the core of Earth that generates the magnetic field which energizes the planetary grid. Mythically speaking, neutrinos can be seen as the spirit force of the stars or, as Keys to Enoch author J.J. Hurtak sees it, as seeds of light’. Neutrinos may be what ancient alchemists referred to as scintillae or infinitesimal sparks of light that emanated from the spirit of God as seed ideas of nature’, the origin of species’, the vital force urging organisms toward completion. Coverage of the supernova in Scientific American included the statement that supernovas make and expel the seeds of life. According to Timms, who discusses psychologist Carl Jung’s theories on the subject in her book, The psychological meaning of these seeds of light is clear, they are germinal luminosities emanating from the darkness of the unconscious as well as the external seeds of light from supernovas in the darkness of deep space.

from an article from Atlantis Rising online magazine.

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