2021 Aquarius stellium

2.18.21 Sun enters Pisces and we rediscover the art of flow

art by John Emanuel Shannon

Don’t get me wrong – there are still four planets in Aquarius (Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus) so the electrical energy of Aquarius and its power to shatter old paradigms is still plenty intense. Yesterday’s hard square from Saturn (structures) to Uranus (radical new ideas) will still exert a strong influence for the next few weeks (see the posts from the past few days if you missed them), so there’s no need to get too comfortable.  But the Sun’s movement into Pisces, the sign of imagination and magic and spiritual blessings, is a welcome respite from some of the energetic excitement of Aquarius and helps to bring us in greater connection with our own inner being.

Pisces seeks the state of flow: the zone, the sense of being absorbed into something greater and more blissful than anything we can experience with our mind or personal emotions.  The Sun will soon (next week) be followed by Venus in Pisces, so we can look forward to a greater awareness of ways in which we can incorporate more flow into our own lives. In the meantime though, the Moon moves through Taurus tomorrow and challenges Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus which is likely to stir up emotions and attachments and then transits Mars for a final burst of irritation in the evening (EST). Remember the center, the space of silence that lies in a space untouched by noise and chaos – that’s where we will find balance and strength as we continue to recalibrate in the new reality. ❤️

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2.12.21 Post New Moon Musings, and Venus conjunct Mercury

Yesterday’s Aquarius New Moon, at the time of an Aquarius stellium with six planetary bodies in one sign, is a significant portal which continues the transition into the Aquarian Age.  Aquarius (Universal Consciousness)  is one arm of the Fixed Cross – the other arms are Taurus (physical form), Leo (ego and personality) and Scorpio (emotions and passions).  Crosses and squares in astrology must be integrated; they create conflict which leads to a crisis of resolution. As we move more fully into the Aquarian Age (I would argue that we are already well into it), we must better integrate this Fixed Cross in order to be able to activate the wisdom and universality of Aquarius.  This takes place on both the personal level and the collective, and helps us to continue to grow and evolve with ultimately less conflict and stress.

That’s the macrocosm – the big picture!  Today the Aquarius stellium continues, with a conjunction of Mercury (the mind) to Venus (relating) that helps to open a window into greater awareness and connection.  Under the influence of Aquarius, all human experience needs to be experienced through a more transpersonal lens. Using the personal elements of the physical, the ego, or the passions, will not take us where we need to go.  Today, with Venus conjunct Mercury retrograde, there is an opportunity to review our relationships through new eyes and a more rational perspective.  Rational is not better than emotional, each lens brings something new for us to work with.  But under this powerful Aquarius influence, we will be more successful in operating through the lens of reason than emotion.

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2.11.21 Peak Aquarius under the Aquarius New Moon

art by Paula Belle Flores

The New Moon in Aquarius takes place February 11th at 2:05 pm EST.  This is a pretty potent lunar event with several planetary alignments to bump up the intensity even more, opening up an opportunity to surrender all of the trappings of personality that culminated at the Leo Full Moon two weeks ago and opening up to a more universal perspective. At the New Moon the energies of the Sun and Moon are fused, linking the solar conscious ego to the instinctive lunar heart of the soul. Conscious and unconscious, exterior and interior – there is a fusion here that provides us with an opportunity for a new beginning in the sign in which the lunation falls – in this case Aquarius.

The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer which is odd because Aquarius is a very dry sign – ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, Aquarius is the quintessence of rational thinking and logic.  But the water that flows through the amphora in the image of Aquarius symbolizes the wisdom of life that flows from the heavens, through intuition and the higher mind (the Uranus connection).  At the Aquarius New Moon we begin with new ideas and an awakened embrace of changing ideals and philosophies to better prepare us for the changes going on all around us.

Embedded in this New Moon chart we have a conjunction of the asteroid Pallas to the Sun and Moon, adding another layer of illumination and divine intuition to the already brilliant energies of the Aquarius stellium.  Venus conjoins Jupiter for greater expansion and a blessing of good fortune. However, Mars in Taurus aligns with most of the Aquarius planets to add a layer […]

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2.9.21. The meaning of Saturn sextile Chiron: The shape of healing

art by Aegis Illustration

The first of three exact alignments between Saturn in Aquarius and Chiron in Aries takes place today. Chiron is the planet of wounding and healing, and it is instrumental in bridging the human experience between Saturn’s focus on the mundane and practical to Uranus, the planet which is symbolized by the pouring of wisdom from the stars to the earth.  For this reason, the symbolism of this harmonious sextile between Saturn and Chiron, healing the human personality, can help us to make that leap to the transformation of Saturn squaring Uranus which forces a radical departure from that which is known and expected.

The energies are building for the New Moon on the 11th – the Moon conjoins Pluto today at the end of Capricorn, forcing the abandonment of something we thought was important before moving into the Brand Newness of the Aquarius New Moon stellium (six planetary bodies in Aquarius!). Under the influence of Saturn sextile Chiron we can more easily heal something broken within us. Right now all it takes is acknowledging that weakness and the intention to heal, and Saturn and Chiron will do the rest.

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This week’s update: Aquarius New Moon and stellium, and lots more

In honor of the Aquarius stellium which peaks this week with the Aquarius New Moon, this week’s video includes a pretty deep dive into the meaning of Aquarius as well as the New Moon.  Saturn is getting ready to square Uranus and the battle for control of the past (Saturn) against the breakdown of the past and the instigation of new paradigms (Uranus) begins.

Transcript is below! (gremlin problem fixed.)


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Hey everybody, my name is Lynn Hayes. Welcome back to my channel. And if you’re new here, I appreciate your joining me here today. There’s a lot to talk about. There’s a lot going on this week so let’s just dive right into it.

The first thing I want to talk about is the peak of the stellium in Aquarius, so as some of you know, we have had a lot of planets in the sign of Aquarius after the Moon enters Aquarius on Tuesday we’ll have six planets in Aquarius, so we’re really at the peak of the Aquarius stellium this week, with all of that Aquarius energy happening right now there’s a great push for autonomy and independence, the breaking free of any routines or strategies or any kind of rut that you might have been in. And this is really a theme of 2020 and I’ll be talking about the square from Saturn to Uranus in just a little bit. Uranus, of course is the modern ruler of Aquarius. Saturn is the […]

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