2021 Aquarius stellium

2.3.21. Passion vs reason today with Scorpio and Aquarius

art by Alex Grey

The Aquarius stellium (see this week’s video for more on this) now consists of five planets so it’s pretty potent right now, shining this laser of Aquarian brilliance and scientific reason through the clouds of feelings and instincts.  Yet in the midst of this “woke” energy comes the Scorpio Moon, passionate and intense, reminding us that reason and detachment is not always all that it’s cracked up to be.  The Scorpio Moon has feelings, and demands to be recognized.

Today the Scorpio Moon aligns in a challenging aspect to Venus and Saturn, connecting those two for their upcoming conjunction on February 6th.  All of that reason and detachment can feel cold next to the Scorpio Moon and frankly, a bit lonely.  Over the next couple of days with the Moon in Scorpio we may feel somewhat conflicted between the detachment of awakening and the intense emotion that pierces the Aquarian light with humanity. Which after all is what the human experience is all about! ❤️

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Astrological update this week, including Mercury retrograde & the Aquarius Stellium

During the first two weeks of February, there is a stellium (grouping) of planets in Aquarius consisting of five planets (including the Sun which yes I know, it’s technically not a planet!) on the 1st of February and six planets including the Sun and Moon between February 9th and 11th.  There is also an Aquarius New Moon during that time.  This is reminiscent of the Aquarius Stellium of 1962 which you can read more about here.  In this week’s video I break down the meaning of the stellium, and also give a REview of the current Mercury retrograde cycle.  If you enjoy these videos, please subscribe to the channel!  If not, the transcript is below. 😀

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Transcript created by ghosts in the machine and roughly edited by me, please excuse errors.

Hey everybody, its Lynn Hayes here. Welcome back to my channel and if you’re new welcome, glad you joined me here today.

In this week’s video we’ll be talking about the astrology from February 1 through the 8th in the year 2021. The first thing we need to cover is that Mercury has just turned retrograde and I’ll post a link in the description box to a video that I made about Mercury Retrograde if you want to go a little deeper and learn more about that. Mercury is retrograde for about three weeks four times a year. It’s a pretty common occurrence. When Mercury is retrograde,ften there are communication glitches, […]

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1.28.21. Venus conjunct Pluto at a big Jupiterian Leo Full Moon

artist unknown

The Moon is full in Leo on January 28, 2021 at 2:16 pm, emphasizing the need for a higher level of self-expression under Leo which still honors the needs of the collective under the Aquarius Sun.  The Sun is one of four planets in Aquarius, so there is a great deal of Aquarian focus on reason and rational thinking concerning that which is good for everyone and not just the individual.  But the Leo Full Moon is focused on the lunar energies which encourage self-value, self-esteem, and an ability to discover a joy which emanates from within and isn’t dependent upon the whims and opinions of others.

Under Leo, which after all is ruled by the Sun itself, we are asked to shine as brightly as we are able.  Rather than hide our light out of false modesty or insecurity, Leo encourages us to emerge from the shadows with all of our natural brightness and joy intact just as a small child greets the world before any traumas have a chance to interfere.

This brightening of the heart’s inner light is aided here by Jupiter, which is nearly exactly conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon in the Full Moon chart. Jupiter adds a layer of optimism but also a need to expand in all ways, resisting any effort to confine or restrict our natural abilities.  Saturn is also present, counteracting the Jupiterian expansion and optimism as it so often does but here in Aquarius it does so with a more reasoned and practical approach which seeks alternatives rather than tighter constraints and control as it did under Capricorn.

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Embedded in the chart for the Full Moon […]

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