Visioncrafting: A Self-Guided Workbook – now on sale!

VisioncraftingI just noticed that Amazon has put my Visioncrafting book on sale, so you can now purchase it for only $9.33 plus shipping.  This is a great price (it was $18) so I hope that you will take a look and consider ordering it.

I designed this workbook to follow the formats of the workshops that I used to lead, and it’s designed for you to follow at your own pace.  Here are a couple of reviews from Amazon which will describe the book more objectively than I can!

For people who believe in the law of attraction and visualization this book is a wonderful tool for manifesting your goals. Whether you are a beginner in goal setting or you’ve had some experience with it (as I have), Lynn’s step by step workbook will take you through the process of creating a vision plan for achievment. I purchased the book last October and began the Visioncrafting process. By January one of my goals began to take shape. I believe Lynn’s method takes a different approach from some other LOA guides. Her Visioncrafting process is very practical as far as taking you through the process of creating and prioritizing your goals. The Visioncrafting process will help you establish a very clear, tangible vision. In my experience, the key to manifesting your goals is directly related to having a clear, workable, positive vision. Visioncrafting is the guide that will help you bring your goals to fruition.

Lynn has done a wonderful job of laying out a plan to take responsibility and help yourself be the best and have the best. The exercises are clear and help bring out the core issues. Every minute I spent working on the […]

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Abundance and the Second House

The latest issue of Innerchange Magazine has my article “Self-Esteem and Prosperity: An Astrological Point of View.”   Here’s the link to the online version of the magazine; my article is on page 18 (page 20 of the PDF).

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A Life of Abundance in a Contracting World


art by Melanie Weidner

As many of you know, one of the paradigms by which I live is that we are the co-creators of our reality.  A healthy capitalist economic system is based on this premise:  When consumers feel prosperous, they buy stuff.  When they buy stuff, the people who manufacture the goods make more stuff, they create more jobs, and their profits increase and they pay their employees more which causes them to feel more prosperous and they buy more stuff.  The company is stronger and […]

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