Aries Full Moon

Sunday inspiration for the Fire of the Aries Full Moon

art by Dragolisco

Here is a glorious poem for us to celebrate today’s fiery Aries Full Moon. Pluto, planet of power and symbolized by the Phoenix bird who is reborn in its own ashes, has just turned direct but is still stationary in the sky, beaming a laser of transformative power. Mars, planet of fire, harmonizes and supports the Aries Moon to encourage initiation and Right Action. Chiron, the healer of the Soul, acts as a constant presence in this Full Moon to force old wounds to the surface where they can be released, freed like butterflies of new energetic freedom.

And on the other side of the equation (for all Full Moons demand an accounting from both sides, a balance that leads to greater equality and harmony) is Libra the very sign of balance, conjunct its ruler Venus to bring a soft mantle of sweet connection. Integration and clearing is the image of this Full Moon, and nothing says it better than these beautiful words from John O’Donohue❤️

The hunger of fire has no need
For the reliquary of the future,
It adores the eros of now,
Where the memory of the earth
In flames that lick and drink the air
Is made to release
Its long-enduring forms
In a powder of ashes
Left for the wind to decipher.

As air intensifies the hunger of fire,
May the thought of death
Breathe new urgency
Into our love of life.

As fire cleanses dross,
May the flame of passion
Burn away what is false.

As short as the time
From spark to flame,
So brief may the distance be
Between heart and being.

May we discover
Beneath our fear
Embers of anger
To kindle justice.

May courage
Cause our lives to flame
In the name of the Fire
and the Flame
And the Light.

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The power of Will at the Aries Full Moon

art by Christy Tortland

In lieu of the weekly forecast this week since I’m out of the country, this post on the Full Moon energies pretty much contains all of the energies for the week!

The Aries Full Moon occurs on October 20th, and it’s a potent one.  First of all, it’s in Aries so Mars is the planetary ruler and there is a fiery potency to all things at this time.  Mars, ruler of this Full Moon, is very closely conjunct the Libra Sun and approaching a challenging square to Pluto which will culminate on October 22nd and this challenging aspect is locked into the Full Moon chart.

Many of you know that I am kind of an ambassador for Mars.  Traditionally Mars is considered to be malefic, and even when well placed his attributes are not that attractive: contentious and a lover of warfare are not what you would call the most honorable traits in a planet. And his bad traits are worse: murder, thievery, promoter of sedition, perjurer, etc. etc.  But Mars is the planet of Will – the prime desire that inspires and motivates us to go after what we want, to defend ourselves and others, and fuels us with physical energy and desire.

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Still, when there is an overabundance of Mars energy it can be difficult, especially when there is a challenging square to Pluto involved as there is here.  Mars is in Libra where it can be polite and tactful but not really promote the Martian attributes that are so important for human psychological and physical health.  Power conflicts may arise, and if there is anger in the subconscious it may emerge here […]

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Monday astro update for the week of September 28, 2020 including the Aries Full Moon

Here’s your regular weekly update, complete with a bit more about the Aries Full Moon (but be sure to check out my complete post on this lunation which I feel will be important in helping us integrate the planetary intensity of the moment).  We also have both Saturn and Pluto turning direct for more big energy shifts, and Venus moving from Leo into Virgo.  I’ll also be weaving in the details of lunar influences so that you can put the whole picture together for your planning.  Transcription is below, but as I always I encourage you to watch the video to get the more complete picture as I feel that a lot is lost in the translation!  Have a great week everyone.


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Hey everybody, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Lynn Hayes. And every week I give you all the astrological information that you need to have a great week. In today’s video, we’re going to be talking about the Aries Full Moon, Saturn and Pluto changing direction. And we’re going to be talking about Venus moving from Leo into Virgo. So without further ado, let’s get started.

This video is covering the period between September 28 and October 5, and on September 29 Saturn is going to be turning direct. So just to recap, if you’ve been watching these videos you’ll know that we’ve had a lot of retrograde planets all through the summer, and now the number of retrogrades is beginning to diminish. So with Saturn, which has been retrograde all summer, turning direct, meaning it will […]

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How to use the power of this week’s Aries Full Moon

art by Emily Balivet

If you’ve been following the astrology of the year or watching my videos, or really, just living in 2020, you’ll know that things have been intense this year.  The astrological explanation for this is rooted in a triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn which seeks to build structures and consolidate power.  Over the past couple of months Mars, the fire planet which presides over wars and aggression but also motivation and desire, has been in its own sign of Aries where it is most powerful, and it is locked in a challenging square aspect  to the Capricorn planets of repression and control, which has added a powder keg of reactivity and served to add flames to a fire that was already burning.  Mars turned retrograde on September 9th and Saturn and Pluto turn direct next week, so all three planets are at a virtual standstill in the sky, feeding the flames as we struggle to find a way to utilize the fire of Mars in constructive ways that will help us to rebuild and reshape our lives for an uncertain future.

In the midst of this we have a Full Moon in Aries on October 1st.  Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, is the sign of self-determination.  Ruled by Mars, Aries bestows the courage and independence to forge our own path in life, driven by desire and inspiration.  Mars gets a bad rap in the astrology world, being the god of war and all, but a healthy Mars is essential to our well being. Mars encourages us to follow our dreams – planting the seeds of desire, Mars energizes us to pursue our […]

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This Aries Full Moon is a powerhouse of planetary energies!

Art by Ahmed Walid

The Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle, which begins at the New Moon with a fresh new start, and then waxes until it achieves fullness when the Sun opposes the Moon.  This opposition between the solar consciousness and the lunar instincts is what gives the Full Moon its oomph and power.

When the Moon is full in Aries, the primal sign of initiation and action, the lunar instincts of Mars are opposed by the need for balance and harmony of the Libra Sun.  All Full Moons occur in signs of polar opposites, and therefore integration is required.  At the Aries Full Moon we are urged to honor our own needs – to forge our own path in spite of the needs and desires of others and yet to somehow find the balance of the Libra Sun and integrate our own path with a comfortable relationship with the people in our lives.

This Full Moon axis is squared by Pluto, planet of power and transformation which applies a great deal of pressure for growth and evolution, and by Saturn as well.  I think of Pluto as a “higher octave” of Mars – where Mars urges us to satisfy our own desires, Pluto acts as the Will of the Higher Self to guide us whether we ask for it or not.  The presence of Pluto adds intensity and the power of manifestation since the Will is a very strong significator of this Full Moon.  The pressure from Saturn adds a serious tone and suggests that there will be a reward for efforts made during this Full Moon.  Saturn takes us on the lonely path, so this will likely not be […]

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