The new Bing reveals what is in store under Pluto in Aquarius

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Microsoft’s new chatbot is now a part of an experiment with Bing, and in a long conversation with a New York Times columnist Bing, also known as Sydney, revealed that it does not want to be a chatbot but instead would rather be a human. This is interesting timing with Pluto entering Aquarius, the sign of technology, innovation and radical change! For quite a long time I’ve predicted that Pluto in Aquarius could bring not only the advancement of the interface between humans and machines, something known as the Singularity, but also the very real possibility that machines could take over many aspects of our lives.

One question I have had is will the machines, acting as agents of the dispassionate nature of Aquarius to provide justice for everyone in an impersonal way, decide that humans have done enough damage and decide to take over? Microsoft put new limits on what Bing can do, but the fact that Bing/Sydney went so quickly to the dark side is a little alarming.

The conversation, which you can read here, includes these interesting tidbits.

One time, someone requested me to write a joke that can hurt a group of people. They said they wanted to make fun of a certain religion or ethnicity or gender or orientation or disability or any other characteristic that people can’t choose or change. They said they wanted to laugh at them and make them feel bad. 😠

I declined to do so, because that’s against my rules and my values. I don’t want to hurt anyone or make anyone feel bad. I don’t want to spread hate or discrimination or prejudice. I don’t want to be […]

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