Forbes Magazine interviews financial astrologers

financial astrologyWhen the economic collapse occurred in 2008, astrologers were not surprised.  We had been watching and waiting for the arrival of Pluto’s entry into Capricorn as a time when the explosive growth of the Pluto in Sagittarius period would contract and the reality check of Capricorn’s serious need for discipline would arrive.  The economic collapse also demonstrated quite clearly that financial experts lacked adequate tools to understand the fluctuations of the stock market. The Astrology News Service posted a link to a couple of Forbes articles about financial astrology that are actually pretty respectful of the art. One of these articles interviews astrologer Grace Morris:

She based her calls on traditional earth-bound analysis from outsiders, like fundamental and technical data. But the real twist comes from the natal star charts of the companies she chose to recommend to her clients. There were only five large cap buys on the list. Most were holds. The rest were mid and small cap names.  Out of the five large cap buy recommendations she made in October, three beat the S&P 500, and all were trading positive from Oct. 3 to market close on Feb. 17.

This was interesting to me because I myself decided that with Uranus in Aries, the innovator of individuality, in conflict with Pluto in Capricorn, the destroyer of corporations, that small cap companies were going to be the real growth investments.  (I am NOT a financial advisor, and I have no training in economics.  I am a professional astrologer with an interest in the geocosmics of finance.) The other Forbes article on financial astrology quotes my personal favorite, Ray Merriman:

“With Saturn moving into Scorpio later this year as Pluto stays in Capricorn, it will be a […]

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An astrologer looks at 50

Chiron ReturnArt borrowed from the New Moon JournalIt’s good to see Huffington Post carrying some serious astrology articles like this one (not that our friend Michael Lutin, HuffPo’s usual astrological source, isn’t serious although he is quite entertaining).

Astrologer Virginia Bell has a good article on the Chiron Return as the turning point at age 50 (technically the Chiron Return occurs at age 51, but let’s not quibble).  I particularly love this paragraph:

At our Chiron Return we have the power to change our story and it is not unusual for our life to take off in a new direction. The period leading up to the Chiron Return, in our late forties, is significant as ideas, plans, and projects are seeded at this time. Located between the orbit of Saturn and Uranus, Chiron is frequently described as a bridge. Often a teacher or mentor appears at this time to act as a bridge or catalyst from one life to another.

I wrote about this on my Facebook page – the fact that the role of mentor is an aspect of Chiron that often gets lost when we think of him solely as the Wounded Healer.  I have found that it is not correct that Chiron’s Wound doesn’t heal – as we age, particularly as we age through the Chiron Return, the wounds CAN heal.  As the wounds heal, the energy that they hold are replaced by a wisdom that goes deep into the soul and at that point we may take on the role as teacher or mentor ourselves.

Today is my birthday, and as many of you know I am in the middle of my Saturn Return right now […]

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The Astrologer’s Journey, From the Inside Out

One of the phenomena of the Internet Age is that anyone can be an expert.  Unlike the dark ages of the 20th century when you had to publish a book to gain recognition and renown, now all you have to do is open a free Blogger or Word Press account, write stuff that is relatively fascinating, and soon you have a following.  This phenomenon has of course benefited me greatly, because here I am.  But many of the younger people that are learning about astrology on the internet are missing the opportunity to learn from the elders in the field.
Partly this may be because the field is changing so rapidly.  When I was beginning back in the early 1980s, I was on the cutting edge because I worked with Chiron.  In those days we were limited somewhat to what we could calculate by hand, although even then there were math wizards like John Addey who spent their time devising complex interplanetary aspects that were defined down to one-half a degree, called “harmonics.”  With computer technology becoming more and more advanced, it is simple to switch between Vedic and Western astrology with the touch of a mouse, and to calculate planetary positions of over 10,000 asteroids.
But just because we can do more things now and do them faster, does that mean we are more knowledgeable?  Do we understand the nature planets from the inside out?  Do we honor their wisdom and look to them for understanding, or do we merely try to manipulate them with mathematics?
John Townley has a sterling pedigree in the astrological community: he was the first to introduce the composite chart technique which is now in common use in […]
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Ponzi Schemes and Astrologer

I have always felt that if the Universe wanted us to be able to predict the future, It wouldn’t have given us a life of mystery. The unfolding of the mystery and the ability to make choices every moment that affect the rest of our lives is a key part of our journey here.


An awareness of planetary cycles give us the ability to work with the planetary gods in order to maximize the potential of each cycle of change, but it doesn’t give us the ability to predict the future. The gods do not reward hubris, as Icarus discovered when he flew too close to the Sun, and as soon as we believe we are beyond the boundaries of time and space our wings are likely to melt and we will likely fall back to Earth.
So I was not surprised to see this article linked from Astrococktail on the fall of Chartwell Enterprises:

CHARTWELL Enterprises used astrology to help predict stock market trends and profile investors, the Geelong Advertiser has learned.

The mystical learnings were explained as part of a system used for more than 20 years to global market trends, investors said.

The latest revelations follow a similar discovery on Tuesday that Graeme Hoy paid spiritual business planner Suzanne Goodchild an estimated $200,000 a year to help run the business.

Ms Goodchild confirmed she worked for Mr Hoy but refused to comment any further.

Open folders with investor details, seen by the Geelong Advertiser after staff rushed from the building following their sacking, showed a detailed analysis of star signs and what motivated an investor, from wealth creation to family and health.

“We were told it was part of the Gann investing system,” said one […]

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Astrologer is suspect in husband’s murder

A news report reveals that Pamela Phillips, founder of the now-defunct Starbabies website, may have to go on trial as a suspect in the murder of her ex-husband, Arizona real estate developer Gary Lee Triano, in Aspen back in 1996.  Investigators believe that Phillips paid Ronald Young $400,000 to murder Triano in anticipation of a $2  million life insurance payout.  Phillips has disappeared and has not cooperated with the investigation.

The “Dateline” program aired a show about the case on Monday night this week and claims that they found Phillips in Switzerland. The Aspen home that she bought with the insurance proceeds is under foreclosure, and she has been profiled on the television program “America’s Most Wanted.”


The case goes to trial in November of this year.  Now THAT’s a profile I would really like to do, if I could find a date of birth!

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