Astrology of 2020

12.17.20 Saturn in Aquarius, 2020-2023

much of this article was originally posted when Saturn first entered Aquarius in March of 2020. 

art by Krystle Marie Smith

Saturn first entered Aquarius on March 21, 2020, then retrograded back into Capricorn on July 1st.  Throughout most of November and December, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were in lockstep within a few degrees, and because Mars was in challenging aspect to the Capricorn trio there was a great deal of conflict and chaos.  Saturn re-enters Aquarius on December 17th, 2020 and will remain in that sign until March 7, 2023.

Before we can understand the meaning of Saturn in Aquarius, we need to understand Saturn’s role in human existence.  This is especially important because as the traditional ruler of Aquarius, Saturn is said to be in its domicile in Aquarius (as well as in Capricorn).

Understanding astrological Saturn

Before the discovery of the modern planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (not to mention Chiron, the asteroids, and all of the other points that are now used to some extent by astrologers) there were seven planets and lights: the Sun, the Moon, and the five visible planets.  Saturn marked the outermost boundary of the solar system, and was surrounded by rings of containment.  These physical attributes reflect the astrological depiction of Saturn as governing limitations, physical boundaries such as gateposts and doorways, and the limitations we place on ourselves through self-doubt and fears.  Saturn was traditionally viewed as the Lord of Death – unlike the modern planet Pluto, which is associated with death as the ending of one aspect of life and the beginning of something new, death under Saturn is finite and final.

Saturn (in the northern hemisphere where astrology developed) is associated with the two zodiac signs […]

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11.13.20 Mars turns direct, ending the Summer of Retrogrades

2020 has brought us a tremendous period of retrograde activity as you can see in this image which I created to show the details of how many planets would be retrograde in 2020 and when.  The period between June 18th and September 29 marked an incredibly long period of time to have this many planets retrograde. Feeling stuck? Like your life is on pause? The retrogrades have something to do with this.  Retrograde planets are closest to Earth, and their energies are stronger and felt to be more intensely personal, but they also tend to turn our attention to the past – to regrets and reconsiderations of past choices.

Mars turns direct today, and while it will take a couple of weeks for its motion to pick back up to a normal pace we will find it easier to find the motivation and drive we need to activate our lives in more positive ways.  I say this at a time when Covid-19 is threatening to lock down the world once again, and we will likely be limited physically. But Mars inspires from the inside out, and while it remains in Aries (until January 6) we will need to incorporate a fair amount of physical activity and other types of action in order to channel the Martian energy productively.

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Astrological update for the week of September 7-14, 2020

This week we hit the peak of the retrograde season: With Mars turning retrograde on September 9th we will have seven planets retrograde, a ridiculous number!  So in this video I’ll be discussing this, and the fact that after the 12th when Jupiter turns direct the number of retrogrades starts to diminish and we start moving towards something a little more normal.  (You may want to catch up with this article about the year of retrogrades if you’d like to learn more.).  And then of course there’s a day by day review of the week to help you with your planning.

(There is a transcript below the video, but I do encourage you to watch because there are visual aids that help to make everything clearer and more understandable. )

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Hey everybody, my name is Lynn Hayes. Welcome back to my channel where every week I give you all the astrological information that you need to have a great week. In today’s video, I’ll be talking about the astrology for the week of September 7 through the 14th 2020.

I’d like to start out with an update on the retrogrades. If you’ve been following this, you will already know but for those of you who might be new, we have an exceptional number of planets that are retrograde in the sky right now. Now what that means is that they appear to move backwards from our perspective here on Earth. Obviously, planets don’t actually orbit backwards, but sometimes from our perspective, they appeared to be turning in the sky, too. traveling backwards and then they appear […]

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Thoughts on the astrology of the remainder of 2020

I was asked to create a video for the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship on the astrology for the remainder of 2020, and I thought that was a great idea in light of how the entire world has changed since I wrote my forecast for 2020.  Here it is for you!  If you like these videos please subscribe to the channel.  Sorry, there is no transcription for this video but I hope you enjoy it anyway. ❤️


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A shift in direction when the lunar nodes change signs

The lunar nodes mark the point at which the path of the Moon crosses the ecliptic, the path that the Sun takes through the constellations as we observe its movement from Earth.  The Nodes are connected to experiences which feel fated, and we can see this idea in practice when we look at an eclipse.  Eclipses occur at a lunation (lunar event) in which the Sun and Moon are within 15 degrees of the Nodes, activating a trigger of the past which requires something to happen before we can move forward.

Unlike other planetary bodies, the nodes move backwards in their apparent motion from our perspective on Earth.  (This excellent article explains why.)

The South Node is exactly opposite the North Node as they move backwards through the signs, moving from one polarity of opposites to the previous one.   Unlike the traditional order in which we progress from the initiation of Aries to the solidification of Taurus, and then on to the diversification of Gemini to the connectivity of Cancer (and so on), the Nodes take us on a journey to retrace our steps into the past where we must clean up past karma before moving forwards.

The North Node has been in Cancer (family, feel