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The 2021 Saturn Uranus square and its implications for the future

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The ancient myths

In the pre-patriarchal era of ancient times, the major deity was Gaia,  the primordial mother of Earth who emerged at the dawn of creation and was worshipped at ancient Delphi as early as 1400 bce during the Mycenean period.  All of the other gods and archetypes of the Hellenic period descend from her through her marriage to Uranus (Ouranos), the god of the sky.  The astrological archetype of Uranus carries into the present this sense of the visionary perspective that comes from the Universal sky.

Uranus by all accounts was a very bad father and threw most of his children into Tartarus (the regions of hell) and Saturn (Kronos in Greece) alone was willing to rise up against him, with the encouragement of Gaia.  There is a sense here of the attempted overthrow of the patriarchy by Gaia who previously had ruled alone. In any case, Saturn castrated Uranus and the power of the gods was passed on to the next generation.  Saturn wasn’t that great a father either and had a nasty habit of eating his children.  He in turn was castrated by Jupiter who went on to rule the Olympian gods. Sandwiched between the generation of the cosmic chaos deities Uranus (sky) and Gaia (earth), Saturn rules over the cold hard facts of matter and the mastery of the material world.

As the god of the sky, or more accurately the sky itself, Uranus represents the light of creation and the wisdom of the heavens.  The archetype of Uranus as the rebel and radical is fascinating in light of the mythological history.  It is fairly apparent that Gaia was the primary deity in pre-patriarchal times (age of Taurus), and […]

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The astrology of 2021: A new way forward

Table of Contents

A quick look back to 2020

I believe that the only way we can understand the future is to understand how we arrived at the present, and for this we need to look back.  Pluto, the planet of destruction and regeneration, has been in the earthy sign of Capricorn since 2008 when it began compressing power structures around the world, concentrating wealth in the hands of the few, and building the top/down kind of societal construction for which Capricorn is famed.  Capricorn teaches mastery of the material world and has little patience with frivolity or illusions, and we have all had to come to terms with a more practical approach to the way we live, especially when Saturn entered Capricorn in December of 2018.  Saturn and Pluto came within a few degrees of a conjunction in the spring and summer of 2019 and the compression that would later become 2020 began.

Jupiter joined Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in December of 2019, and Saturn and Pluto aligned in a conjunction on January 10, 2020. This coincided with a station of Uranus (shock and surprise) as well as a lunar eclipse in Cancer that triggered the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.  In December 2019 I cautioned about the period between January 8th to the 16th as being a potential danger point.  It was at this time that the spread of COVID-19 became evident.  […]

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Astrological update for the week of December 28, 2020: Cancer Full Moon and the New Year!

This week we make the transition into 2021.  I’ll be posting my 2021 forecast tomorrow, but meanwhile here’s a look at the week!  There aren’t any major planetary aspects so the Moon has an opportunity to shine, and shine it will on December 30th when it is full in Cancer.  Take a look, and the transcription is below. ❤️


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Transcript by bots, roughly edited by me.

Hey everybody, my name is Lynn Hayes Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m going to be talking a little bit about the astrology of 2021, the year that’s coming up, and also, of course about the astrology for the week.

I want to welcome you back if this is your first time, thank you for joining me here. And let’s go ahead and begin, I’ll be putting a link to my report on the astrology of 2021 in the description box. And I will be doing an accompanying video next week. I have found in doing these videos that in talking, I come up with different information than in writing and vice versa. So I’m still pumping out the written material as well as the videos and I hope you’ll enjoy either or both. Some people I know just like to watch and some people just like to read. And for me I like to talk and write. So that works out perfectly.

In any case, I’m not going to spend much time on the astrology of 2021 right now. […]

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