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From the archives: Mercury Retrograde podcast

astrology podcastBack in 2010 and 2011 I did a radio show on Blog Talk Radio and with Mercury Retrograde I thought it would be a good time to download the shows and start reposting them.  There were some fun shows, and it’s actually inspired me to start the show up again.  Meanwhile though, I thought you might enjoy listening to this show on Mercury retrograde.  The end of the show is a call-in portion where people ask questions about their own charts.



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On the radio this morning

This show was pre-recorded because I’m out of town for the weekend so you won’t be able to call in today, but this is a fascinating interview with Chris Brennan, currently the Research Director for the National Council of Geocosmic Research and a graduate of Kepler College. Chris is one of a very few astrologers who specialize in Hellenistic Astrology, and he is currently heading up a collaborative translation project of ancient astrological texts. He is available for personal consultations and can be found on the web at

Because the show is recorded you can listen to it any time in the archives. Here’s the link to listen or use the player below.  Next week’s show will be live, so save up your questions!

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On the radio today: The Aries New Moon show

Tune in Sunday mornings at 11 am Eastern for Musings on Astrology on Blog Talk Radio. On today’s show we’ll be talking about the Aries New Moon. Aries is the initiatory sign of the zodiac which is the solar cycle, and the New Moon is the initiatory phase of the lunar cycle so this is a powerful time of new beginnings.

How can we best utilize this time to create positive change in our lives? In what area of our lives will this energy be most powerful? These are the things we’ll be talking about today.

To listen, use the player below. At 11 am Eastern the Aries New Moon show will be available, and once the show is over it will be archived so that you can listen to it later as well. To interact in the chatroom and ask questions during the show, please register at Blog Talk Radio.

You’ll also have an opportunity to call in with questions about your own chart, and if you don’t have internet access you can use the call-in number to listen to the show as well. That number is 646-478-5731.

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Astrological Musings Radio tomorrow: The Ceres archetype

Sunday morning at 11 am Eastern!  Tomorrow’s show, the first in a few weeks due to my bad flu which rendered me voiceless, will be a discussion of the Ceres archetype.  Ever since Ceres was reclassified with Pluto as a dwarf planet (I actually like the original name given to Pluto, Ceres and Eris:  The Plutoids), issues associated with Ceres such as the plight of women around the world and the health of the ecology of the planet have been at the forefront of global awareness.

We’ll be discussing Ceres, and then you’ll have a chance to call in with questions about your own chart if you’re a new caller.  To listen live, click on the player below at or after 11 am Eastern time on Sunday morning the 21st.  If you click on the player before that time you’ll get the last show.  The number to call in, or to listen to the show on your phone, is 646-478-5731.

To listen to the archives or subscribe to the podcast please visit my website for more information

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All about Pisces: Musings on Astrology radio

Tune in at 11 am Eastern for a discussion about the sign of Pisces.  The Sun has just entered Pisces so we now have four planets in Pisces, a strong Piscean influence.  It’s a great time to learn more about this mysterious sign!

If you listen live (click on the player below at 11 am Eastern or before noon) you can participate in the chat (register for free at Blog Talk Radio to participate and ask questions in the chatroom) and I’ll be taking calls about halfway through the show so you can ask questions about your own chart (first time callers only please!).  The call-in number is 646-478-5731 and you can also use that number to listen to the show by phone f you’re not near a computer.

You can also download the show and subscribe to the podcast.  For more details and instructions, along with the archived shows, visit the Radio page of my website!

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