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“Don’t let astrology support a life of fear”

Many years ago I posted a link this article by astrologer Victoria Bazely that mirrors my feelings on this issue EXACTLY!!  Unfortunately the original article has disappeared, but the truth remains.

I have a pet peeve, and like most pet peeves perhaps, it’s a bit hypocritical. My pet peeve is people who use astrology (or anything else really) to support a life run by fear. I’ve read that Nancy Reagan used to consult an astrologer before her husband did anything and wouldn’t let him do things like sign legislation unless an astrologer gave the okay–which meant he sometimes ended up doing things at odd hours like 1:59 a.m. I don’t know if she actually did this, but just reading about it irritates me. It irritates me because it strikes me as operating out of a combination of fear, dependence, and an excessive need for control. . . .

Life happens, and life includes bad, scary, challenging or even exhilarating twists of fate. You can’t control the entire universe with astrology or anything else. Life happened to Ronald and Nancy Reagan, just as it does to everyone else. His presidency had its challenges and its triumphs, just as other presidencies do. If credit is to be given for the success of his presidency, I’d rather give it to a combination of his character, his ideas, and his willingness to act on them. . . .

It’s the same thing when I hear astrologers say things like “don’t get a haircut or buy shoes when the moon is void of course!” Something in me just says “I’ll buy shoes and get a haircut whenever I darn well please. I can’t live my life running around checking to see whether […]

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An astrology makeup line

Upset about the wildfires in Russia?  Nervous about the struggling economy?  Sad over the tragedies occurring around the world?

Cheer up!  You can change your mood with astrology makeup, “the gift of beauty from the stars.”  This website offers makeup to coordinate with your Sun Sign.

The vendors of this product evidently haven’t gotten the memo: the appearance is governed by the rising sign or ascendant, NOT the Sun sign!


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The ethics of prediction

Mercury retrograde periods are a great time for reposting!  I’m taking a few days off for some other creative projects so meanwhile please enjoy some of my favorite articles from the past, and please be kind to each other in the comments.

In browsing around for interesting astrology news I came across this in a forum on relationships:

I happen to analyse my horoscope.One astrologer told my marriage life is going to be full of problems and difficulties. I will go to the extent of commiting suicide I will have to face so many problems. I was really worried abt it.I told my would be abt it.He scolded dont believe in this all.I was very much worried on what the astrologer told.Pls tell me wat u peole say? should i beleive this or not

The querent lives in India so I assume his astrologer followed Vedic principles, and the Vedics are very much based in prediction of the future. Regardless of the type of astrology one practices, there are two issues here.

First, there is no way to predict for certain whether someone will commit suicide or how a difficult chart will turn out. I have seen people with incredibly difficult charts who have worked very hard through their issues to gain wisdom and inner peace. Second, nearly everyone in the psychic field agrees that it is unethical to predict a negative future for an individual; first, some of the most amazing experiences occur through difficult times and second, if you instill fear in that client they will create their own disaster. Certainly when a Pluto transit is coming that will hit the clients Chiron/Moon conjunction which squares Pluto, you know there will be some kind of trouble. But there are keys to navigating those rough waters so that the […]

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“Astrologers differ on the fate of Musharraf”

From Andhra News comes this report:

An Indian astrologer thinks that Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf might emerge from his recent troubles, while a British astrologer has predicted that the next two months are the most inauspicious for the General.

Washington, Aug 31 : An Indian astrologer thinks that Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf might emerge from his recent troubles, while a British astrologer has predicted that the next two months are the most inauspicious for the General.

British astrologer SH Shah predicted that it is highly unlikely that Musharraf could hold on to the power that he has enjoyed for the last eight years for any length of time.

“There is at least a 70 per cent chance that by the end of this year, he would be out of power,” he added.

In his horoscope, there are also indications of his changing residence and perhaps settling abroad, Shah said.

From mid-November to August 2008, the planetary aspects of Musharraf’s stars are not only tense, but involve Saturn, which is considered the most malefic planet in astrology, he claimed.

Shah opined that this can be an extremely upsetting and tense period for Musharraf and it can create difficult circumstances over which the General would have very little control.

These aspects also create a lot of inner and outer conflicts where the Pakistani military leader’s opponents would have an edge on him. These planetary aspects can bring about life changes beyond recognition.

On September 29, Mars is moving into the 12th house of Musharraf where it would stay until May 2008. The 12th house is considered the house of confinement and old Arab astrologers used to call it the house of enemies.

Mars, which rules the military, is not good news in this house for the Pakistani leader, Shah said.

However, the Washington-based astrologer, Ronnie Datta believes that the […]

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A sad tale and correlated musings

From Tamil Nadu in India comes this sad tale of astrology gone wrong:

A blind faith in astrology has led to a man killing his own son. The bizarre incident occurred at Veerappanchatram here recently.

Murugesan (40), working as a watchman in a private firm at Pallipalayam, killed his son Sadurshan (9) by pushing him into the Cauvery river after he was told by an astrologer that his son’s birth timing was the cause for all his sufferings. . . .

The police on suspicion interrogated Murugesan who confessed to have committed the murder. “I sacrificed my son for the welfare of my family,” he told the police. Murugesan was arrested.

Vedic astrology (from India) tends to be more oriented towards predicting the future than Western astrology which typically takes a more humanist or psychological perspective. Because astrology is so much more widely accepted in India there are many more astrologers serving the population, and therefore we tend to see more of these stories coming from India. Still, bad astrology is bad astrology.

Perhaps this man’s son was a difficult or even impossible behavioral case. I heard a story on NPR today about bipolar children in families and the toll they took on the healthy children in the family that started my mind wandering. I believe that difficult children are likely the more sensitive in the family who absorb the hidden dynamics of the other family members. Hidden stress, rage, sadness – all these emotions erupt from the soul of the sensitive child into the family arena where they can be seen by all. A friend of mine who worked at a training (reform) school told me years ago that when the “bad seed” enters the training school, one of the other children in the family suddenly turns bad. I always […]

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