Discover the magic of your own truth at the Scorpio New Moon

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Scorpio season is all about the darkness – our inner passions, our secret world of dreams and nightmares, the truths that must be told.  The Scorpio New Moon on October 27th will provide us with an opportunity to dive deep into these depths where the subconscious and the soul meet – where we can find Truth and true transformation.

Scorpio is associated with intense emotions – the dark feelings such as jealousy and hatred which normally don’t see the light of day.  However, anything which we hide in the darkness never has the opportunity to become transformed.  Scorpio fearlessly plumbs these depths of darkness and supports us in our quest to regain the power that we have lost through self-denial and diminishment.

Scorpio is also associated with sexuality.  The power of sexuality is legendary – it has been used by magicians of all types since humans have walked the planet.  Sexuality can empower us, or it can cause us to lose ourselves just as easily.  The Scorpio New Moon encourages new ways of integrating sexuality into our lives. An awkward quincunx from the New Moon to Chiron (wounding and healing) and the Black Moon Lilith suggests that there could be some difficulty taking on the mantle of sexual power if unhealed wounds, and the rage that may live in them, create blockages through which the energy is unable to transmit.

A Jupiter aspect to Ceres during this time will provide opportunities for us to nurture ourselves so that we have the means and ability to really dive deep through these blocks.  Under this influence, nourishing the body with delicious and healthy foods will help us to integrate body with mind and spirit, and to […]

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Planetary news this week! Jupiter/Neptune and some healing

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The faerie dust of the Jupiter/Neptune dance culminates this week, on September 22nd.  While our modern idea of fairy dust sounds lovely and charming, like the glitter that we pour over ourselves when we go to a party to make ourselves more spectacular, faerie dust takes us into the faerie realms where we can get lost in the mists of magic.  Remember the old tales about the wanderers like Rip Van Winkle who stumbled into the realm of Faerie and disappeared for many years? That is the effect of this dance with Jupiter and Neptune.  It began in January 2019, and completes in September.

During this week and possibly part of next week, we may be faced with an unpleasant reality from which we have tried to hide. Jupiter and Neptune are supremely creative so this is a wonderful time to create art, or write, or simply expand your senses as you lose yourself in the magical beauty of a sunset or a beach or a forest.  But it is also a time when we are more prone to delusion and seeing things as we want to see them, rather than as they really are.  We can navigate this time most effectively if we utilize these magical energies to create real magic in our lives, rather than only in our minds.

Chiron applies some pressure to heal and release old wounds on the 16th and 17th.  This could bring up painful memories or exchanges with loved ones, all in the name of letting go and releasing old wounds that bind us in patterns that we no longer need.  Breathe, release, find lovingkindness where it can be found.

The 19th-22nd brings a burst of energy […]

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