Black Moon Lilith

Astrological update for the week of August 30, 2021: Taking care of details in the midst of confusion

So many of you have asked for some kind of recording and let’s try it this week.  There is a recording of this update at the end of the post.  Let me know what you think in the comments.

This week we have a lack of the fire element in the planetary energies, and Mars, the fire planet, will oppose watery Neptune.  Fire signifies drive, purification, frustration, motivation – it’s active in nature and energizes the processing of our experiences.  Chiron is in Aries, but since Chiron represents the unhealed wound it activate our wounds in these areas rather than provide the fuel for actualization).  When there are no planetary bodies in fire, the force for change is missing – the air of thought and intellect is present (Libra, Gemini) along with Neptune in Pisces to inspire transcendence and the letting go of fixed ideas, but the motivation is lacking.

This will be especially true in the early part of the week when Mars opposes Neptune. The alignment culminates on Wednesday September 2nd, but its influence will be felt throughout the week.  Mars is in Virgo now, motivating us to examine and order the details of life, and the Neptune factor makes that more difficult.  Neptune is like the Sirens of Homeric myth, calling us with its magic song to leave the ordinary world behind and step into magic.  Beautiful and mystical, but not very practical and therefore antithetic to Virgo Mars this week.

I recommend that we all be very careful when making decisions under this influence.  Neptune casts a glamour that can make the unrealistic look very attractive, and with the Virgo New Moon approaching on September 6th, we will want to keep our Neptunian eyewear from blurring our […]

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Weekend update May 22, 2021: Saturn turns retrograde and an intense Sunday ⭐️

art by Jim Fitzpatrick

Like all planets Saturn has two faces, both Beast and Prince.  As Beast, he brings out our doubts and insecurities and bestows hardships.  As Prince, the self-doubt and endurance required to manage the Beastly enterprises which result in successes and mastery.  Saturn is in Aquarius, one of its rulership signs where it is happiest and best able to create the forms and structures which are required in order to build societies (Aquarius) that are effective and well-balanced.  Saturn cares little for personal feelings; the ultimate goal is all that matters.

I tell you all of this because Saturn is stationary in the sky right now and will appear to turn retrograde on Sunday May 23rd.  Retrograde planets are at their closest point to Earth, and therefore rather than becoming weaker they affect us much more personally.  Saturn will be your personal guide for the next few months (until October 10, 2021) and that will be especially true if you have planets in your chart between 5 and 15 degrees of the fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus).  Now is the time to buckle down to reassess our goals and priorities – to decide what really matters and make that happen.

So back to the weekend forecast:  on Saturday we have a challenging square from Mercury in Gemini to Neptune in Pisces that culminates late in the evening EDT/early morning Sunday UTC.  With Mercury in Gemini, the mind can wander all over the place and take in lots of extraneous information without a lot of focus, and the square to Neptune adds a dreamy quality that will make any focus extremely difficult and maybe even impossible.  Saturday is a day to imagine and create, […]

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2.23.21 Lunar aspects from the Cancer Moon, and Lilith

art by Manami Lingerfelt

With no planetary interactions today the Cancer Moon can speak with a louder voice without being drowned out by stronger influences. And what is she trying to sell us?  Cancer itself is ruled by the Moon – the mother, the planetary body which encourages us to connect more deeply to our inner selves, our inner child if you will – our deepest emotions which serve as the doorway to a more soulful experience. Today the Cancer Moon harmonizes with the Sun and Uranus helping us to relax into a new level of ease with our feelings that helps facilitate a change, but also challenges Chiron in a square aspect to bring up old wounds which may stand in the way.  Most of us are more sensitive and sentimental when the Moon is in Cancer, so we may be walking on eggshells for a day or two.

Black Moon Lilith is also in the news today as she becomes an unwilling participant in the challenging square between Saturn (rules) and Uranus (breaking the rules).  Lilith represents the depth of our outrage against oppression and abuse, and riding on the coattails of the Saturn/Uranus pressure for change, we may find some hidden darkness rise up from the depths to find justice. However Lilith also forms a harmonious sextile to the Sun today which should easily illuminate any of that darkness and facilitate its transmutation into wisdom and justice. 👍🏼

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2.4.21 Black Moon Lilith connects the dots

More dark feminine energy today with the Black Moon Lilith – symbol of moral outrage and a burning resentment against oppression – connecting a number of planetary aspects that are not quite exact in alignment. Black Moon Lilith is in Venus-ruled Taurus and forming a square to Venus and Saturn which are in Aquarius.  That Venus/Saturn alignment is building but won’t culminate until February 6th – in the meantime it can be difficult to connect with others under this aspect (even more difficult than usual in today’s quarantine times).  Venus is in Aquarius anyway, where it tends towards solitude, and Black Moon Lilith in Taurus brings her wild and untamed nature to matters of earthly pleasures and security needs.

Black Moon Lilith is conjunct Uranus, radicalizing the feminism of Lilith and echoing the Aquarius side of Venus (since Uranus rules Aquarius) – interactions with others will be more of a challenge over the next few days as our own personality needs take center stage.  Watch for old resentments to flare up under the Lilith influences, and for greater autonomy and solitude.

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1.29.21 Voices from the Dark Feminine

artist unknown

As the brilliance of the Leo Full Moon begins to fade, we have an exact conjunction of the Black Moon Lilith to Eris.  The Black Moon Lilith, a theoretical point which relates to the Moon, is connected to themes of feminine rage reflecting the story of Lilith, Adam’s first wife, who refusing to submit to her husband was sent to the wilderness without her children and spent the past few thousand years wailing in frustration and anger.  The oppression of women under a patriarchal system has become a stronger story since the archetype of the Black Moon Lilith has emerged.

Eris was the goddess of discord who threw the golden apple which asked the question “Who is the Fairest” after being skipped over when invitations to a wedding party were handed out, a seemingly small act which began the Trojan War, a conflict which lasted for ten years.  The combination of these two dark goddesses lasts only a day or two, but themes of emergence from oppression into power and authority is one of the more positive themes of this alliance.  It is a good day to see where we may be letting our inner strength seep away through resentments and anger which serve no real purpose.

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