Blue Moon

The second Aquarius Full Moon in 2021

art by Wendy Andrews

It is rare to have two Full Moons in one sign (sometimes called a Blue Moon, hence the expression “Once in a Blue Moon”).  Since the Full Moons occur approximately 28-29 degrees apart, this only happens when the first Full Moon is at the first degree of a sign, and the second at the last.  The Moon entered Aquarius on Friday and began the crescendo to the explosion of energies at the Full Moon, the exact opposition from the Sun in Leo to the Aquarius Moon, which occurs at 8 am EDT (noon UTC) August 22nd.  The emotional and sensitive Moon is not always that comfortable in Aquarius, the sign of the transpersonal and the detachment of science and reason, and the Leo archetype of brilliant self-expression is at odds here with the dispassion of Aquarius.

The 29th degree is a significant portal – the very last degree of a sign, there is a “do or die” component to this placement, almost a desperation or last gasp before the planet moves into the next sign. This is an important threshold between two experiences, and a need to complete the one before moving into another.  That’s why having two Full Moons in a row in the same sign is significant – it marks the early enthusiasm of the sign, followed by the frantic need to complete the cycle before moving into the next archetype like when we cram for a test before a final exam.

The energies of the Aquarius archetype are so potent right now:  there is a cold detachment to Aquarius under the traditional Saturn rulership, and a need to see from the perspective of airy detachment and observation rather than […]

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Once in another Blue Moon – the Virgo Full Moon of March 1st

The month of March begins with a Full Moon in Virgo counterbalancing the mystical magic of the Pisces stellium that I wrote about a few days ago (read more here). With five planets in Pisces and Neptune figuring prominently in the chart of the Full Moon, the desire to transcend and melt into an experience of bliss and creative spirituality will be strong, with only the Virgo Moon to provide balance and order. Integrating polarities is an important part of any Full Moon since the Sun and Moon are always in opposite signs at that time. Here we are learning to find balance between day to day life in a body (Virgo) and the creative inspiration of Pisces.

The opportunity for experiences that open the heart will be many with a trine from Venus in Pisces, which is already open and ready to achieve bliss, to Jupiter in Scorpio which as it prepares to turn retrograde later this month is at a standstill, beaming a laser light of expansion and confidence in our ability to passionately (Scorpio) embrace life and love (Venus) in all of its many forms and with all of the blemishes intact.

A harmonious trine from Saturn to the Moon helps to ground her earthiness amidst the mystical magic of the Pisces/Neptune influence.  This Full Moon asks that we align firmly with our bodies and find our center in the earth while allowing our hearts to open and swell with love and an acceptance of the bliss of divine connection.  Not an easy path, but one which will bring abundant blessings!

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The January 2018 “Super Blue Blood Moon” and the Leo/Aquarius axis

January 31 blood super moon eclipse Photo from 2014 by Darwin B

The Leo Full Moon on January 31st offers a trifecta of attributes which make this lunar event somewhat significant.  Most important from an astrological perspective, this is a total lunar eclipse with very tight angles to the lunar nodes, the points that represent our passage from past to future.  This tight connection between the Moon and the Sun and the nodes opens up a force field that unlocks areas of our life which we have shut down, or attempted to protect ourselves from.

Four of the five eclipses in 2018 are on the Leo/Aquarius axis, forcing us to confront areas where our need for personal development and satisfaction (Leo) are in conflict with the need to let go of some of our personal satisfaction in order to achieve justice and equality in the world around us (Aquarius).  Leo and Aquarius are opposites in the Zodiac – there is a tension between them that require integration and balance.  In this eclipse the Sun and South Node are in Aquarius, demonstrating the consciously creative impulse that is detached and manifests as pure energy.  The Leo Moon is bringing out our secret longings for recognition and pleasure, to find joy in the world and a sense of feeling special and unique, admired by those around us.  The North Node aligns with the Moon to assist us in this journey while not leaving behind the higher Aquarian aspirations towards a more transpersonal view.

The fact that this is a so-called “Blue Moon” is merely a calendar accident and has no real astrological significance.  However, this is a SuperMoon (© Richard Nolle), meaning the Moon is closer to the Earth than […]

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Full Moon, Blue Moon, Eclipse Moon and Other Planetary News

Blue Moon by Sofanya

A gorgeous big moon followed me home tonight, even though she technically won’t be full until the afternoon of New Year’s Eve.  This is a Blue Moon because it’s the second Full Moon in a month, something that doesn’t happen very often (hence the term “once in a blue moon”).  It’s also an eclipse, because the lunar nodes are involved; however, it’s a partial eclipse and not very powerful astrologically.

The Full Moon occurs when the lunar principle of the subconscious inner world overpowers the solar conscious mind with its brilliance as the Moon opposes the Sun in the sky, with the Earth between them.  At the Full Moon we earthlings are sandwiched between these two archetypal forces, and the experience of the Full Moon can be intensely emotional and unexpected.

This particular Full Moon is in the sign of Cancer, its own sign, suggesting that our sensitive emotional natures will be highlighted at this time.  The emotions of Cancer are vulnerable and tender and easily hurt, and the Moon now is opposed to four planets in the pragmatic and rather rigid sign of Capricorn.  The Capricorn lineup includes a tight conjunction of the Sun, Venus (relating) and Pluto (transformation, death, and rebirth).  There is a feeling now that every emotion we experience is critical and can act as a doorway, and a need to create balance in our own emotional world as well as in our relationships.

A lunar event becomes an eclipse when the nodes of the Moon become involved.  The Moon’s nodes represent the evolutionary direction of the soul, so when the nodes are tightly connected to a Full or New Moon there is a sense of destiny that is imparted. […]

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The Secret Moon

Beth Owl’s daughter reminds me:

By the way, as I’ve been discussing on my website, this New Moon is also a second New Moon in one month, as rare as Blue Moons, but not as widely known (since by definition, they are invisible)! Folklore calls the second New Moon the Black Moon. It has also been called the Secret Moon,the Finder’s Moon, and the Spinner Moon. It carries with it all the deep, wonderful magic of the New Moon, like planting the seed, new beginnings, and sending out our intention in order to manifest our heart’s desires. Plus it is believed that the second dark moon is THE time of greatest power within the mysterious realms and any magick worked during this time is particularly powerful.

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