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Much ado about Comet Elenin

Comet EleninOver the past few months I have read lots of exciting news about Comet Elenin – that it could be the Blue Star Kachina of the Hopi Prophecy, heralding the end times, or that it is actually Planet X, the Nibiru of Zechariah Sitchin fame that comes close to Earth every 3600 years.  Or that the Comet Elenin was a Brown Dwarf star headed for a collision of earth in September of 2011, ready to extinguish life on earth as we know it.

Despite the frenzy of fearmongering and misinformation, there are some interesting coincidences that have followed Comet Elenin which was discovered in December of 2010.  One scientist has found correlations between alignments of Elenin with the Sun and Earth going back as far as 2006 that correspond to increased seismic activity.

The timing of the Elenin/Sun/Earth alignment of March 15th just after the spectacular horrific earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11th has given rise to speculation that the perihelion of Comet Elenin in September 2011 could give rise to more dramatic seismic activity.  The earthquake in Japan was preceded by an X-class solar flare on March 9th and a coronal mass ejection (CME) that hit the Earth’s atmosphere on March 10th after an M-class flare on March 7th.  As astrologers know, alignments are generally stronger when they are in their applying phase than their separating phase.

Most scientists, of course, don’t believe that Comet Elenin has a strong enough magnetic field to have any effect on Earth.

“Comet Elenin will not only be far away, it is also on the small side for comets. And comets are not the most densely-packed objects out there. They usually have the density of […]

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New comet in town: Comet Lulin

Comet LulinPhoto from Universe Today.

Originally described by Chinese astronomers when it was first seen in July 2007 as an asteroid, a coma was noticed a few days later and Comet Lulin was born. Comet Lulin will be closest to the earth on February 24, according to the latest calculations, and is getting brighter and brighter as it gets closer:

Astronomers at the Taipei Astronomical Museum said that the tail of Lulin will become most vivid during that time as it moves closest to the Earth.According to the museum, it took 28.5 million years for Comet Lulin to revolve round the Sun on its own axis.

In other words, museum astronomers said, the last time Comet Lulin came to the inner part of the solar system, human beings had just evolved from monkeys, the ice caps of the North and South Poles had just formed, the globe’s highest mountain range, the Himalayas, had just appeared upon a ground breaking orogenic movement, and Taiwan was still deep in the sea.

This is pretty incredible and perhaps synchronistic in light of all of the talk in these pages and elsewhere about the rapid evolution and transformation of humans into the next stage of life.

Lulin is creating quite a stir because it is traveling along the ecliptic which is the path that the planets take, but it’s moving in the opposite direction from the planets.  In light of the Blue Star Kachina prophecy that we were discussing a few weeks ago, I wonder if Comet Lulin might step in to take the place of Comet Holmes in the theory that the Blue Star Kachina of the Hopi prophecy is actually a comet.

In ancient times comets were thought to be harbingers of doom because they […]

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Comet Holmes and the Blue Star Kachina

My post the other day on Philip Sedgwick’s blog cited an article by Bruce Fenton on his site 2012 Rising about the Hopi “Blue Star Kachina” prophecy.  My post echoed Philip’s dismissal of Comet Holmes as the “Blue Star Kachina” because I had completely forgotten the astounding behavior of Comet Holmes as it exploded in the sky last year. In a matter of hours, the comet brightened 400,000 times in a manner that scientists could not explain.  I really should have remembered it because this became a bit of an obsession to me at the time.

Now that we are under the influence of Mercury Retrograde, I’d like to go back and revisit the comet with this new perspective.  One of the fascinating synchronicities about the explosion of Comet Holmes was the fact that it exploded in brightness just as Pluto conjoined the Galactic Center.  No one really knew what to expect under this influence, but there was quite a bit of conjecture and an exploding comet seemed to be quite significant.

Bruce responded in the comments to my post the other day that Hopi elders had agreed that the Comet Holmes was the Blue Star Kachina that had been prophesied, and Joseph Mina commented that this was a distinct possibility:

Comet Holmes gaseous shell is blue/turquoise in color. I viewed it through my unfiltered telescope last year and it was definitely blue in tint. Hubble pictures confirm the same. Comet Holmes appeared “out of the blue”. This small, insignificant periodic comet, whose orbit moves just inside of Mars and then to the other side of Jupiter, put on a display that had astronomers shaking their heads in disbelief. In a matter of 40 hours it brightened from mag 17 (invisible to only the biggest telescopes) to mag 2.8 (easily naked eye). […]

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