The astrology of the Facebook IPO

Facebook IPO astrologyby Lynn Hayes  Please note that the URL of this blog has changed and update your bookmarks. The Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Facebook stock occurs at 11 am today, May 18 2012.  This is considered such a momentous offering that Mark Zuckerberg rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange today. Venus, governing the accumulation of money and values, has just turned retrograde which often creates a reversal in the common thinking around the stock market.  When Venus began to slow down in anticipation of its retrograde turn the stock market began its downward slide (other Venus retrograde periods have seen increases, so it has more to do with a change in viewpoint than a particular direction the markets take). We also have Saturn getting ready to change direction in late June.  That is over a month away, but Saturn has already slowed down and will travel only a degree or so before it turns direct on June 25th.  Saturn is the planet that provides us with a reality check.  It does not suffer fools gladly, nor does it reward excessive optimism and speculation. There is plenty of optimism floating around because the Sun has just conjoined Jupiter, the planet of optimism and good fortune. Astrologer Grace Morris suggested that timing the IPO to begin after 10:45 am would put the Sun/Jupiter conjunction in the 10th house (representing the public exchange).  But Jupiter is not always as beneficent as it may appear.  Jupiter can cause us to become complacent and overreach, especially since Leo is rising on the ascendant of the IPO chart.  The Leo ascendant is perfect for the kind of bigger than life event this […]

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CEO personal lives and stock prices

I’ve said many times that there are too many variables in the financial world to be able to accurately use astrology to predict the rise and fall of stock prices, and now a Danish study reports on links between major events in the lives of CEOs and the stock prices of their companies. The Wall Street Journal, reporting on the article, writes:

The study is part of an emerging — and controversial — area of financial research that delves into the lives and personalities of executives in search of links to stock prices and corporate performance. The trend is an outgrowth of the tendency to lionize CEOs as critical to the businesses they lead. If their performance is so vital, the researchers say, investors should want to know anything that could affect it.

“When you go to the track, you study the horse,” says David Yermack, a New York University finance professor. “Investing is not that different. You want to know as much as you can about the jockey.”

This is particularly interesting to astrologers, because this is where we have the edge. If we see a Pluto transit coming up for a CEO, it might not be the best time to invest in that company. Or perhaps we should look for poorly aspected Jupiter in the chart:

A study he co-wrote looked at executives’ home purchases. It found that on average, the stocks of companies run by leaders who buy or build megamansions sharply underperform the market. The researchers don’t claim to know why. They theorize that some of these executives might be focused more on enjoying their wealth and less on working hard.

This may be an interesting topic for a future research project! Stay tuned…

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The Astrology of the Iphone

Apple released its much-heralded Iphone on Friday after months of speculation. Techies waited on line for hours to be the first owners of Apple’s sleek and gorgeous new multimedia phone, despite its $500+ price tag. Still, the astrological timing of the Iphone’s release leaves quite a bit to be desired.

The timing of an event using astrology is called “electional astrology,” and provides a weather report for the planetary climate of that event. The chart of the release or birth of the Iphone on Friday June 29 at 6:00 pm, Cupertino California, shows the Sun in nurturing Cancer which suggests responsive customer service. The ascendant is Sagittarius, whose traits include not only optimism and a love of fun but the shadow side reveals a tendency towards self-importance and a desire to associate with only the best people. The Iphone is the gadget everyone will want to have, and Sagittarius jumps right on that bandwagon.

The “Lord” of the ascendant, or ruling planet, is Jupiter in Sagittarius which is retrograde in the first house. Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius would be considered a benefic signature in this chart which illustrates the initial success of the Iphone. The Moon is in Capricorn, the sign of material success and achievement which is a positive indicator, and it is in an applying trine to Mars which provides the energy for activation of the new business. And Venus nearing an exact conjunction to Saturn will bring loyalty of the customers; this conjunction falling in the 9th house of travel shows success overseas.

Still, the chart shows a number of difficult aspects as well, such as five traditional planets (excluding Chiron) […]

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