Capricorn New Moon

Planetary news this week: Jupiter enters Aries and the Capricorn Solstice

Astrological update for the week of December 19-26, 2022

There are two major transitions this week: The re-entry of Jupiter into Aries after its retrograde time in Pisces, and the entry of the Sun into Capricorn which marks the December solstice point which will be followed immediately by a Capricorn New Moon.

A time of change. We have been stuck in a myriad of global problems for the past several years – stuck under the Capricorn stellia (groupings of planets) with Saturn and Pluto, stuck in conflict under the Saturn/Uranus square. As I and many other astrologers have been reporting (see Part I here, Part II will be published in the next week), the energies over the next few years will be dramatic and marked by change and transition. A New Moon just after the solstice, a point at which the Sun literally stands still, is a dramatic symbol of the changes to come.

The Capricorn solstice. In the solar cycle we celebrate the shortest day as the return of the Sun and the beginning of the new year.  The culmination of the solar cycle is at the opposite solstice, with the quarter points of the equinoxes, when light and dark are in balance, are equivalent to the waxing and waning squares, similar to the waxing and waning squares of the lunar cycle.  Honoring both the solar and lunar cycles helps to keep us in touch with the cycles of nature even in today’s world in which we are so disconnected from the natural world.  These cycles of nature can serve as an alchemical process of personal transformation, just as we follow the cycles of the planets as they unfold to bring experiences of knowledge and wisdom […]

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Astrological update for the week of December 27 2021: A New Year and a New Moon

This week we have a new month, a new year, and a Capricorn New Moon – an abundance of fresh new energies to help sweep away the cobwebs and help us to have a fresh start.  No matter how well my life is going I always love that feeling that each morning is a new day and a new opportunity to awaken in a different way.

If you missed my 2022 forecast you can catch up here. Spoiler alert: We are not out of the woods yet. 😃  Meanwhile though, this week Jupiter enters Pisces on December 28th/29th which will give us a push into the dreamy optimism of Jupiter traveling through its own sign. Jupiter was already in Pisces for part of 2021 and this is its last vacation before entering Aries in May 2022 when the energies will become more forceful and dedicated towards self-preservation rather than the communal justice that Jupiter seeks in Pisces.

Venus has been within range of a conjunction to Pluto for the past few weeks and it will finally begin to separate after this week.  If you’ve been experiencing difficulty in relationships of all kinds we can blame this aspect between the planet of connection (Venus) and the planet of destruction (Pluto).  Still, Venus is retrograde for another few weeks and we are looking back over the past to see where repairs can be made in problematic areas.

Finally, the New Moon in Capricorn takes place on January 2nd – a new beginning in the creation of structures (Capricorn) to serve our new reality. I suppose technically reality won’t change much between December 31 and January 2, but this is such an excellent opportunity to facilitate a new resolve and a […]

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The meaning of this week’s Capricorn New Moon 1/12-1/13/21

Capricorn-new-moon artist unknown

A New Moon is a brand new beginning, and we get one every 29 days or so, going through the cycle of the zodiac to begin anew in each of the twelve areas of life represented by the twelve zodiac signs.  The Capricorn New Moon is typically a time for building something new to improve our mastery of the physical world, and the Capricorn New Moon is the perfect time to set goals and aspirations for the New Year.

This New Moon is packed with intensity and powerful planetary alignments that can give us a real boost in our efforts to focus and create.  First of all, the Sun and Moon are tightly conjunct Pluto – planet of creative destruction and regeneration.  So while we are planning and setting Capricornian goals, Pluto is blowing up whatever we plan that doesn’t serve ourselves or the higher good.  When we are aligned in integrity and focus, Pluto can be an ally in the march towards material success and worldly achievement, both worthy Capricornian aims.  But the presence of Pluto in the New Moon chart suggests that we may need to let go of something in order to rebuild something better in its place.

The Sun, Moon and Pluto are all locked in a challenging square to the new planet Eris, planet of discord so there are certain to be some events that seem to come out of nowhere and disrupt the plan.  A triple conjunction of Saturn (regulation), Jupiter (freedom) and Mercury (thought) in Aquarius is downloading new data into the global consciousness to facilitate our transition into the new energies that are transforming the human race as we forge the transition into the Age of Aquarius, and this triple […]

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Astrological update for the week of January 11-18, 2021: Capricorn New Moon, and lots more

This week’s video covers a lot of ground, touching on politics, all the details about this week’s powerful Capricorn New Moon, and the Jupiter cycles coming up this week (Jupiter square Uranus, Jupiter sextile Chiron).  As always I think you will get more out of the video but the transcript is below if you prefer to read.  ❤️

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Transcript by electronic gremlins, please excuse errors.

Hi, everybody, my name is Lynn Hayes. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, we’ll be talking about the astrology for the week of January 11 2021.

Before I start today’s video, though, I would like to talk a little bit about the intersection between astrology and politics. We are living through a time right now that is so charged politically, and I am a person, I have three planets in Libra, Libra tends to like to reach sort of a middle ground, see both sides, you know, come to some sort of agreement. It’s very tactical, diplomatic wants to bring people together. So even though I have my own views, which are very strong, obviously, I have always in my blog, in my writings, and in these videos, I’ve always tried to very carefully walk a middle ground, not offend anybody, be careful with people’s feelings that they didn’t agree with me. And I think the situation right now is so intense and so charged, that I don’t really feel that I can do that anymore, there’s going to be […]

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Capricorn New Moon at the Solstice: The dark point of stillness

Capricorn New Moon Winter Solstice Art by Sherri Conley

“The black moment is the moment when the real message of transformation is going to come.  At the darkest moment comes the light.” – Joseph Campbell

The Capricorn New Moon will occur just six minutes after the moment of the Winter Solstice – the point at which the Sun moves into Capricorn in the tropical system.  The three days before the Winter Solstice are the darkest days of the year in the northern hemisphere.  Not only are the days shorter, but the Sun is lower in the sky, causing shadows to lengthen and its motion appears to stand still.

The Winter Solstice marks the return to the light – after the Solstice the days start growing longer and the Sun stronger.  As humans we are naturally drawn to light and tend to shun the darkness, but it is in the quiet stillness of the dark, when we are not distracted by the flickering images that pass through our life, that we can go deeply within into the core of our Selves and discover who we are beneath the superficial comings and goings of our experiences. […]

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