Planetary news this week: A time to heal with Ceres and Jupiter

Astrological update for the week of December 11-18, 2022

art by Ciro Marchetti

This week we celebrate Jupiter at the final degree of Pisces before it re-enters Aries next week (read more about that here). Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces where it can amplify the idealism and peaceful hopes that we all share. At the 29th degree there is somewhat of an eruption of this idealism and hope before Jupiter dives back into Aries and infuses the global energy field with a more dynamic and fiery zing.

Ceres in Libra. Meanwhile, Ceres completes her passage through Virgo and enters Libra on December 18th (EST).  Ceres will remain in Libra until it moves into Scorpio on September 15, 2023. I think of Ceres as the place in our chart that connects us to our natural selves through nourishment of the body, mind and soul. Difficult aspects to Ceres show challenges to our ability to feel safe in our bodily incarnation and denote areas where we need to make a more direct effort to honor the rhythms of nature and to feed and nourish ourselves. On a more global level she reminds us that without a connection to nature we cannot as a species survive.

In Libra, Ceres tends to evoke a sense of soul integration with the world through immersion in beautiful surroundings and harmonious connections with others. The dark side of Libra is ignoring our personal needs for the sake of maintaining harmony, and when Ceres is in Libra the effect of this kind of neglect can be a challenge. On the other hand, we can increase our sense of well-being through negotiating our way through conflict to resolution and personal […]

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