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Astrological update for the week of December 6th including a preview of the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

This week’s eclipse at the Sagittarius New Moon is second in a pair of eclipses which began on November 30th with the lunar eclipse.  I’ll be posting more about that separately, but the energies start building this week!  We also have Chiron stationing direct this week, and lots more so dive in.  (I know, it’s a very silly photo!!)

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Transcript (transcribed by software genies and roughly edited for readability. Please excuse errors!)

Hi everybody, my name is Lynn Hayes Welcome back. And in today’s video we’ll be talking about the astrology for the week from December 7 until the 14th. The big news this week is the solar eclipse that happens on December 14, this is 2020. Still, the solar eclipse is coming on the heels of a lunar eclipse on November 30. These eclipse seasons bring us a pair of eclipses a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse. In this pair of eclipses we had the lunar eclipse which was conjunct the North Node of the Moon. The nodes of the Moon, as you may recall, are the points in the sky where the path of the Moon cross the path of the sun, the ascending node is called the North Node, the descending node on the downward path is called the South Node. These points are known to be points of fate, the South Node has to do with where we come from what’s familiar, the South Node also talks […]

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Thoughts on Neptune direct

Neptunian fog Image from

I have a bifurcated work life.  (bi·fur·cate (b f r-k t , b -fûr -). To divide into two parts or branches.)

As many of you know, I have a real estate business and I have an astrology practice.  That’s not surprising because I have Gemini rising – the sign of the twins governing the arena of my persona.  I am happiest when I am living in two worlds at once.

The conjunction of Chiron and Neptune has been wandering back and forth over my Midheaven, which is the point of the chart at which we find our place in the world.  When Neptune crossed my Midheaven the first time, along with Chiron at about 26-27 degrees, I decided to quit the real estate business.  With the market tanking anyway, it seemed like the perfect time.  Beliefnet picked up my blog, everything was moving forward in that direction.  Finally I could do astrology full-time.  I had little interest in the kind of left-brain efforts required to run a business, I just wanted to do readings all day long (Neptune) and pursue a path of healing and helping others to heal (Chiron).

Then Chiron and Neptune retrograded, going back over my Midheaven last spring and summer.  Suddenly I didn’t want to do anything but play music.  I cut my reading schedule way back, and continued to enjoy the slow real estate market.  I was living a life of Neptune: meditation, music, yoga, daydreaming (fortunately I have a healthy savings account thanks to Jupiter in Taurus).   My usual workaholic self was nowhere to be found.

Then Neptune and Chiron turned direct, once again within a few days of each other, and just as suddenly I […]

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New Moon in Scorpio, November 6 2010

Photo by ZR on Flickr

Scorpio is the sign of passion and intensity, and the Truth that exists where life and death meet.  This New Moon offers us an opportunity to face the darkness and discover our own Truth – to strip ourselves of any falseness and pledge to live in that Truth.  New Moons begin a new cycle, and in Scorpio the challenge is to confront our emotional fears without becoming enmeshed in the story.

The New Moon is often shown as a sliver of a crescent, but it is actually the darkest point of the lunar cycle.  The New Moon occurs when the Moon conjoins the Sun and the solar light completely obscures the lunar, leaving us in darkness.  But it is in that darkness that the first rays of light can be seen.

Chiron is stationary now and turns direct on November 5th.  Its influence is intense as it beams a steady ray of wisdom that opens up the soul and encourages hidden wounds to emerge where they can be treated and transmuted.  This healing wisdom is very powerful in Saturday’s Scorpio New Moon.

Mercury, the planet of the mind, is also very active during this New Moon; it conflicts by square with Chiron and Neptune and harmonizes by trine to Uranus.  Mercury’s active presence in the New Moon chart suggests the need to remain objective without disassociating.  Mercury is in Scorpio now, and our thoughts and the processing of information is filtered through the lens of passion and intensity.  However, that trine to Uranus will help us to achieve a degree of objectivity in the midst of all of that emotional intensity.

There is a great deal of power in this New Moon […]

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Chiron Turns Direct! And Other Planetary News

“The Wounded Healer” by Alex Grey.

Chiron has been traveling retrograde since May 25, and changes direction today.  It has been virtually at a standstill since August, holding our feet to the fire as we release the wounds of our past in order to gain in wisdom and true knowledge. The accumulated understanding we’ve gained over the past month or so will have an opportunity for release now.

Chiron is known as the “wounded healer” (read more about Chiron here), but he is much more than that.  Under the influence of Chiron, we revisit the wounds of the past and transmute them into wisdom and the ability to heal and protect in the service of others.  As the bridge between the personal (inner) planets and the transformational (outer) planets, Chiron also provides the inner teachings that facilitate our transformation from ordinary human to transformational being.

Chiron is just completing a conjunction to the North Node now, the 15th being the final phase of a three -part conjunction that began June 1 and hit for the second time August 11.  The Nodes are not planets; they are signposts in the sky that mark the places where the Moon crosses the path of the Sun’s passage through the zodiac. The signposts point to our past (the South Node) and to the future (the North Node). Throughout May Neptune and Chiron both conjoined the North Node, signifying an important event to facilitate inspiration (Neptune) and healing (Chiron). When planets conjunct the North Node they by necessity oppose (180 degrees) the South Node, setting up a tension between the influences that hold us back (South Node) and the pull to continue evolving (North Node) by fully experiencing the wounds of […]

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