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The astrology of the Las Vegas shooter

Las Vegas shooter astrologyAfter the worst mass shooting in modern US history (we can save the massacre of the native Americans for another discussion but let’s not forget it entirely), and that is really saying something since we have had more than 1,500 shootings since the Sandy Hook shooting in December 2012, there appears to be nearly no information about the shooter, now deceased, who masterminded the plot to kill as many people as possible from the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel.  With the recent news that Stephen Paddock was prescribed Valium, some are speculating that it was the Valium that motivated this quiet man to this horrific act.  But one look at his astrological birthchart and you can see that this was a very complicated man.

Paddock’s astrological Sun was in the sign of Aries, the sign of the Warrior, but it was part of a very challenging Grand Cross.  There was a part of him that craved connection with others and wanted to get along (Sun conjunct Venus)  but he had trouble establishing those connections (Venus retrograde) and was shy and insecure, especially where women were concerned (Venus opposed by Saturn).  He was very hard on himself and felt he had a great deal to prove (Saturn retrograde and opposite Sun) and he often felt misunderstood by others (Neptune opposite Sun).

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A challenging relationship with his father is evident by the stressful aspects from three intense planets to his Sun – the father often appears in the chart as the Sun.  He was likely criticized and failed to meet his father’s approval (Saturn retrograde opposite his Sun) and there is evidence of the chart of a separation from […]

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Sagittarius New Moon eclipse, November 25 2011 PLUS Mercury turns retrograde

Sagittarius New Moon November 25Art by Sally J. Smith, from Silver Rockets.  The New Moon occurred a few hours ago, but we are still in its influence for the next day or two.  Although astronomically this is technically a partial eclipse, because the lunation was 12 degrees away from the Nodes of the Moon, that is a bit too far to have much astrological impact.

Like all New Moons, the Sun is conjunct the Moon, fusing the emotional instincts (Moon) with the conscious identity (Sun) to create a powerful new beginning.  Every New Moon in the lunar cycle provides us with an opportunity to begin again with a clean slate.  Under the Sagittarius New Moon we move from the darkness of Scorpio and its emphasis on the underworld of Soul experiences into the lighter framework of the Sagittarian need for expansion and a sense of meaning about life.

There are four planets in Sagittarius right now, so the Sagittarian emphasis is strong.  In addition, Jupiter (the planet that rules Sag) is in an exact trine to the New Moon which gives us a Double Whammy (technical astrological term) of Jupiter/Sun/Moon energy. Now is the time to forge a vision that expands your life, your consciousness, your mind.  Eliminate from your being the need to stay rooted in the past or any idea of who you think you are.

Jupiter and Sagittarius work with our belief systems, helping us to understand more about life and about what gives our life meaning, but those ideologies are not meant to be static or confined under the Jupiterian influence.  They are meant to continue expanding, taking us into ever broadening circles of knowledge and wisdom.  Chiron (wounding and healing) interacts […]

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Rudy Giuliani – A sure road to 2012?

To Americans in the Heartland, Rudolph Giuliani was the mayor who led the people of New York through the difficult days after September 11 2001. While the President read a storybook to children and the Vice President fled into a bunker, Rudy Giuliani was the leader that all eyes turned to. To many New Yorkers, however, Giuliani was an arrogant and imperious mayor, who reduced crime by increasing police brutality and ironically failed to protect the city during the September 11 terrorist attacks by locating the Office of Emergency Management inside the World Trade Center, a move much criticized because of the previous attack against the World Trade Center. And few will soon forget the scandal over his announcement at a press conference that he was leaving his wife Donna Hanover for his lover Judith Nathan, an announcement not previously made to his wife. On September 10 2001, Giuliani’s approval ratings had fallen to 37%. Still, conservatives admire Giuliani’s tough stance on crime and his aggressive leadership style, as well as his encouragement of business and real estate development during his tenure as mayor.

So who is Rudy Giuliani really? Astrologically, his Sun is in the changeable sign of Gemini, the sign of flexibility, adaptation and communication. Gemini is driven to experience as many things as possible in one lifetime. Because of this, they are able to accomplish a great deal although they have a tendency to lose focus. Giuliani’s Sun is conjunct the planet of radical rebellion, Uranus, suggesting that he is a natural born rebel. Sun/Uranus people resist authority and must do things their own way, they flout convention and tend to dislike emotional attachment. Giuliani’s chart lacks the element of water that provides a conduit for the emotions, and this combined with the Sun/Uranus […]

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