Happy Yule and Christmas to my dear readers!

Father Winter

A portion of this article was originally posted in 2011. Anyone who has read this blog for more than five minutes will know that I am rather skeptical not only of Christianity but of any organized religion.  Still, I love the Christmas season, with its pagan-derived trappings of pine trees decorated with colorful balls and lights, songs of celebration, and the sharing of food and sweets with family and friends.  After all, the week of the Winter Solstice has been celebrated for thousands of years as Yule.  And even if it’s only for a week, it’s lovely to hear people of all religions talk about peace on earth and goodwill to men.

The timing of the celebration of the birth of the Christ on December 25th likely comes from the pre-Christian Roman holiday Sol Invictus celebrating the invincible Sun and the patron saint of Rome and her soldiers which was established in 274 ce.  Christianity was established  as the official religion in Rome in the mid 300s.

Around this time of year people always ask about the astrological meaning of the Star of Bethlehem, and an MSNBC article presents a compelling case for the actual birthdate of Jesus based upon the astronomical Star of Bethlehem:
Historical records and modern-day computer simulations indicate that there was a rare series of planetary groupings, also known as conjunctions, during the years 3 B.C. and 2 B.C.
The show started on the morning of June 12 in 3 B.C., when Venus could be sighted very close to Saturn in the eastern sky. Then there was a spectacular pairing of Venus and Jupiter on Aug. 12 in the constellation Leo, which ancient astrologers associated with the destiny of the Jews.
Between September of 3 B.C. […]
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One More Christmas Star Story!

Star of BethlehemI’ve been reprinting this every year because it’s so fabulous.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa and have a Cool Yule.

John Charles Webb Jr. left a comment with a link to his site which postulates that the “star” of Bethlehem was not an astronomical event but was in fact an astrological alignment that occurred on March 2, 5 BC (-4). If you run a HELIOCENTRIC (most Western astrologers use a geocentric system that comes down to us from the ancient Greeks) chart for this date you will see this formation of the Seal of Solomon, later called the Star of David. The story of Jesus is of course that he was of the lineage of the Hebrew King David.

This same configuration was present during the planetary alignment in 2003 that was called the“Harmonic Concordance”. This chart was a geocentric chart rather than heliocentric, but still it is a powerful symbol. The Seal of Solomon is known in the three Abrahamic religions, and is called the Star of David by the Jewish people. Astrologically the configuration includes:

· three oppositions

· a mystic rectangle

· two interlocking Grand Trines

· a hexagon of sextiles forming a Grand Sextile

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The Christmas Star

star-of-bethlehemEvery year at about this time we start pondering the mystery of the Star of Bethlehem.  There are lots of different explanations that I’ll be covering over the next couple of weeks.  Here is an interesting article that appeared in Universe Today:

David Reneke, news editor of Australia’s Sky and Space Magazine, believes astronomers may have found the answer – or at least something that fits all the known facts – basing his research on the highly esteemed gospel according to Matthew, the first of the four gospels in the New Testament. It would appear to be the first written and this version places key players together in the same time period. “It’s generally accepted by most researchers that Christ was born between 3 BC and 1 AD.” says Dave. With the aid of modern astronomy software programs astronomers can reproduce the night sky exactly as it was, thousands of years ago. Humans are curious and so was Dave, so he turned back the hands of time and the stars to the time of that long ago Christmas…

Two thousand years ago, astronomy and astrology were considered one and the same. The motions of the heavenly bodies were used to determine the events of history, and the fate of people’s lives. Of the various groups of priests and prophets of this period, those which commanded the most respect were the Magi – whose origins are not entirely clear. Known as ‘wise men’ , we can only assume they were actually priests who relied on their […]

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It’s Never Too Late to Become a Virgin…

The US has a Federally funded programme which encourages young people to remain celibate until marriage. The programme is known as the Silver Ring Thing, because the teenagers involved wear a silver ring (on their finger) as a sign of their commitment to celibacy.

According to BBC news, the US government is considering cutting the funding, following a report that one in four teenage girls has a sexually transmitted disease. And with some 750,000 teenage pregnancies a year, America has one of the highest teen birth rates in the developed world.

“This national programme which has wasted $1.5bn (£750m) of tax money is a failure and our teens are paying the price,” says Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood “We’ve been wasting money on programmes that don’t work and we’re seeing the consequences every single day.”

State governments receive federal money they must match to fund abstinence programmes. At least 17 states have opted out of the system and others have suspended funding while Congress investigates whether such programmes work.

Critics say there is no evidence that they delay sexual activity and teenagers who have taken a vow of virginity are less likely to use protection if they break their promise.”

Such teenagers do not get taught about contraception. As 15 year-old Mildred from Arizona says: “We get sex-ed classes in school and that should be where teens get the right information – but that isn’t happening.”

The argument in favour of abstinence is put by a Texan lawyer, who describes himself as a member of the religious right:

“I am convinced that abstinence is the only way for kids,” he says. “You begin […]

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