Blogs are no longer cool, teens say

TwitterA new study has found that young people are losing interest in long-form blogging, as their communication habits have become increasingly brief, and mobile. Tech experts say it doesn’t mean blogging is going away. Rather, it’s gone the way of the telephone and e-mail — still useful, just not sexy.

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Not sexy!  That’s just cruel. :)

The sample used was of kids aged 12 to 17 years old, many of whom are in the group that was born when Uranus and Neptune were conjunct in the sky back in 1992-1995 or so.  The minds of those kids work differently – they are extremely imaginative and creative, and many of them very intuitive as well.

I don’t suppose this will affect my readership any, because my Facebook page stats report that none of my fans are less than 17, and only 3% are under 24 with 13% between 25 and 34, with the majority of my readers being over 35.

It’s true that the heady experience of posting one’s every thought and experience on a personal blog fades quickly.  I had a personal blog for about six months, but find Facebook a much better outlet for my own personal daily news.  But I am a bit disturbed by the trend away from reading and from a curiosity about the world that reduces everything to a Facebook or Myspace entry.

You can actually find me on both Facebook and Twitter.

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