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7.28.21 – Jupiter back in Aquarius, and a burst of energy Mars at 29 degrees

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I wrote about Jupiter retrograding back into Aquarius a few days ago and you can catch up here if you missed it. When Jupiter is retrograde (as we observe its motion from Earth) we tend to look backwards at lost opportunities, or else we are forced to retrace our steps in order to achieve the expansion which Jupiter always urges. We’re certainly seeing this in the world today as the expansion of the Delta variant begins to see a backsliding of the opening up of the world that everyone was hoping for.  And this comes in the midst of the social disruption created by the Saturn/Uranus square: Compression (Saturn) vs Radical Release (Uranus).  This is a good time to look back and reassess any areas that may be holding you back from new opportunities and an expanded future so that when Jupiter turns direct in December you’ll be ready!

The Moon enters Aries today for a fiery burst of energy, both physical and mental.  Mars, the fire planet, is at the critical (aka anaretic) degree (29) of Leo where it can be most potent – like the finale in a fireworks show, at 29 degrees Mars will sometimes burn off any energy it has remaining in a sign before moving on to the next.  This is all happening in Leo, the sign which focuses on personal satisfaction so this will be highlighted until tomorrow when Mars settles down in Virgo. ❤️

by Lynn Hayes

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12.16.20 A harbinger today of the upcoming final Mars/Pluto square

art by Fiona Owen

When two planets are about to meet but haven’t yet connected and a faster moving planet (or luminary) connects them, we say this faster moving planet has “translated” the planetary cycle of the other two.  This is exactly what we have today as the Capricorn Moon squares Mars this morning (Eastern time) and a few hours later conjoins Pluto, setting us up for the challenging square from Mars to Pluto on December 23rd.  Under the Capricorn Moon we are serious and eager to work at whatever situation presents itself, but the square from the Moon to Mars today can inspire some irritability and stimulate any lurking anger or frustration.  A few hours later the Moon conjoins Pluto and intensifies these reactions to a greater degree, resulting potentially in the exposure of conflicts that will become more apparent as we get closer to the exact Mars/Pluto square.

Saturn is at the critical or anaretic degree (29) of Capricorn right now, a degree which I call the “make it or break it” phase of a planetary cycle through a sign.  There may be a last minute adjustment required before Saturn moves into Aquarius tomorrow (December 17th) and begins the opening of the door to the new Aquarian energy which lifts us from the mundane world of Earth into a period of perspective and rational thought in Air. ❤️

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Report on the Full Moon Summer Solstice

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While the Summer Solstice is usually celebrated on June 21st, the astrological Solstice occurs when the Sun enters Cancer, and that occurred this year on June 20th.  This Summer Solstice coincided with the Full Moon, something we hadn’t seen apparently since 1948 (according to news reports).

The Sun is strongest in a sign when it first enters that sign, and when the Sun enters one of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) it is even stronger.  The cardinal signs initiate a new season – a new phase in human life – and the energies in the Solstice and Equinox charts are often used to forecast the weather for the season.

The Full Moon occurred at the 29th degree of Sagittarius – the so-called “anaretic” degree.  The 29th degree, sometimes called the “critical” or “anaretic” degree, is associated with the endings of cycles and new beginnings.  The word “anaretic” derives from “anareta,” which in medieval astrology signified the planet of death in the natal horoscope.  This is likely what has given the 29th degree such a bad rap in traditional astrology, although endings are actually the harbinger of new beginnings and not to be feared.

So we have the conclusion of a lunar cycle occurring at the same time as a beginning of a solar cycle – a confluence of events that signifies a closing of one door and an opening of another.  The Sagittarius Full Moon seeks expansive dreams and increased wisdom, and the Summer Solstice and Cancerian Sun brings fertility and water to nurture the soil and plants.

However, with Saturn (rules and boundaries) in Sagittarius (expansion and faith) we have to continue to set limits and be realistic (Saturn) and careful […]

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