12.26.20 Everything is illuminated with the Sun square Chiron

photo by Android Jones

Chiron is often called the “wounded healer” but I prefer the name of the “soul healer.” Under Chiron’s tutelage we release old wounds and painful beliefs which hold us back from being able to fully heal from the past and move into an empowered and enlightened present. Today the Sun aligns in a strong square (90 degree) aspect to Chiron, and for a day or two we may feel a bit out of sorts as the energetic realignment precipitates a release of an unneeded and unnecessary painful memory or pattern.

The Moon is completing her passage through Taurus, where we seek comfort and pleasure, and it harmonizes with Pluto to bring stability and greater ease.  After triggering Chiron the Sun will move on to a harmonious trine to Uranus where the process of letting go can find resolution and completion and allow for the introduction of new templates to emerge. ❤️

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12.23.20 How to master today’s Mars square Pluto transit

Yes, it’s true that there’s likely to be more conflict.  Yes, it’s true that people will be angrier and more reactive.  Mars is a fiery motivator, and Pluto demands power and can be quite greedy about it.  A clash between these two can foster irritation and unease at the minimum, and violence at the maximum.  This is the last of a series of interactions between Mars and Pluto and in today’s alignment we also have the Moon in Aries, siding with Mars in a conjunction to join the battle against Pluto.  This can add even more intensity to the mix, especially if you have planets in the late degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn).

Fortunately, we can put fire to work for us and utilize its energies to focus the Will and create real magick.  Mars after all represents the Will of the individual – the desires and inspiration that keep us going.  When we connect our Individual will to the force for transformation represented by Pluto we can become powerful manifestors, but this requires aligning our own desires to a wish for the highest good.  Today is the perfect day to practice this alignment and seek the help of our celestial guides and teachers when pursuing a path of desire.

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12.18.20 Lunar aspects today help to calm the rough edges

art by Jen Garcia

Saturn just moved into Aquarius yesterday, and Jupiter follows tomorrow – that’s the big news. But today the waxing Moon in Aquarius harmonizes with Mars in Aries (sextile aspect) to aid in the ability to visualize the higher perspective and put our plans into motion with clarity and strategy, and then with the Sun and Mercury (also sextile) to help integrate our thoughts and ideas into the framework of action.

There is opportunity for healing today with an applying trine from Venus in Sagittarius to Chiron – this is an opportunity to seek help from loved ones or to resolve a matter that has been unsettled and causing distress. This aspect culminates tomorrow (12.19.20) but as the energies begin to align this can be a shower of grace to calm any rough waters. ❤️

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12.15.20 Eclipse wrapup, and Venus enters Sagittarius

photo by Gabe Tomoiago

Eclipses affect different people in different ways.  If I experience them personally it’s usually with some sort of realization or emotional outburst. Monday’s solar eclipse was angular for me, opposite my ascendant, and I felt all day (and Sunday night too) as if I had been plugged into an electrical socket. Yet astrologers on Twitter debated whether eclipses have an effect on individuals or serve a purely mundane (worldly) purpose.  The eclipse, at 23 Sagittarius, fell exactly on President Trump’s Moon and with the actions of the electoral college, finally eclipsed his 2020 presidential campaign, but other than that we have seen no dramatic effects so far. A happy thing considering we are finishing 2020!!

Meanwhile Venus leaves intense Scorpio for Sagittarius, so some of the complex interactions you may have been having will lighten up a bit.  Venus in Sagittarius in December typically corresponds to holiday parties and we won’t be seeing that this year, but this is a generally lucky period of financial abundance as well as a proliferation of general good will.  Something much needed right now!  Also, Chiron turns direct today and there is only one retrograde planet in the sky (Uranus)!!! 😃 Still, with Chiron virtually stationary for the past few weeks and the next few as well, old wounds are being released at a rapid clip.  The only way out is through, but on the other side is freedom.

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12.12.20 A burst of strong feminine energy to prepare us for the eclipse

art by Kay Steventon

As we prepare for the solar eclipse on December 14th, the Moon in Scorpio draws us deep into the mysteries of the unknown. In the process she gathers her feminine allies, aligning with Venus who is also in Scorpio, to penetrate the depths of emotion and purpose in our personal relationships.  Venus conjoins Juno, the asteroid of responsibility and commitment in partnership, and the Moon joins them for a few hours – all in Scorpio.  Building strong bonds of interpersonal support and love is highlighted here under this triple goddess influence of the Moon, Venus and Juno.

The Black Moon Lilith is a lone voice in the wilderness opposite the power of these three, crying out for justice and crisis repair. As we gather our personal resources for the transformation of the solar eclipse, we must not neglect this inner voice which may emerge as a cry of despair.  This voice is here to be gathered into the fold and comforted by the presence of love and commitment.  All of this goddess energy harmonizes with the Capricorn stellium to help ground and balance.  No matter your gender identity, today we turn inwards and honor the power of the dark feminine. ❤️

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