Dark Feminine astrology

12.12.20 A burst of strong feminine energy to prepare us for the eclipse

art by Kay Steventon

As we prepare for the solar eclipse on December 14th, the Moon in Scorpio draws us deep into the mysteries of the unknown. In the process she gathers her feminine allies, aligning with Venus who is also in Scorpio, to penetrate the depths of emotion and purpose in our personal relationships.  Venus conjoins Juno, the asteroid of responsibility and commitment in partnership, and the Moon joins them for a few hours – all in Scorpio.  Building strong bonds of interpersonal support and love is highlighted here under this triple goddess influence of the Moon, Venus and Juno.

The Black Moon Lilith is a lone voice in the wilderness opposite the power of these three, crying out for justice and crisis repair. As we gather our personal resources for the transformation of the solar eclipse, we must not neglect this inner voice which may emerge as a cry of despair.  This voice is here to be gathered into the fold and comforted by the presence of love and commitment.  All of this goddess energy harmonizes with the Capricorn stellium to help ground and balance.  No matter your gender identity, today we turn inwards and honor the power of the dark feminine. ❤️

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Dark Moon musings for Mother’s Day

Artist unknown

The astrological Moon is generally connected with the archetype of the Mother.  In today’s more gender fluid world, it is not so unusual for a father to be the more nurturing parent and I typically find that the energies surrounding the way an individual is nurtured is found in the fourth house.  The parent who inspires and affects the way we present to the world is found in the tenth house.

Regardless of which parent is most present or most nurturing, though, the Moon is still tightly bound to the Mother – the feminine body that carries the fetus in the womb for 280 days, more or less, regardless of what happens afterwards.

Aspects to the Moon, the sign the Moon falls in, and the general disposition of the Moon in the chart reflects the way the individual perceives the maternal relationship. Our perception of the energy of our mother is not always the same as what the mother is projecting, and I have had to soothe many a mother who comes to me for a reading about her child and discovers a stressed Moon in the child’s chart.

Often, but not always, the sign that the Moon is in reflects the way the child perceives the mother.  A Capricorn moon child perceives mom as being somewhat distant and perhaps cold.  A Virgo moon child feels criticized and not ever good enough.  A child with a Pisces moon may find the connection with mother elusive.

Pluto, the planet of death, is conjunct my own Moon and I often felt that my mother wished I was dead.  In fact, my mother had an abortion before I was born and in a meditation I experienced being that child, before I ever […]

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This week’s Libra New Moon is full of abundance and the power of love

Libra New Moon “Justice – Sun Moon Tarot”

The Sun and Moon converge in the sign of Libra this week, showering New Moon blessings that pack a real punch.  Libra is associated with relationships and ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty so the importance of aesthetics and harmony is highlighted in this New Moon.  But Libra is represented by the scales of balance that requires an equal and opposite reaction to every action.  The act of bringing disharmonious energies into harmony is the lesson of Libra.

Under a Libra New Moon we forge new partnerships and find new ways to bring more beauty into our lives. Under the Libra influence, everything around us becomes a mirror reflection of our inner world.  It’s important to understand the interconnectedness between what we experience within, and what we draw into our lives from the outside.  This New Moon can aid in this understanding and facilitate our ability to alchemize every outer experience into a tool for soul transformation.

Lucky Jupiter is nearly exactly aligned with the New Moon, offering a gift of abundance and good luck with a sprinkling of confidence.  The combination of Jupiter and Libra is typically a happy one, full of optimism and an open heart.  But Venus rules the Libra New Moon, and Venus is in the powerful sign of Scorpio.  In Scorpio, Venus drops her guise as the “Goddess of Love” and is revealed as Inanna/Ishtar/Astarte – primal goddess of the power of love as well as war.  In the chart of this New Moon, Scorpio Venus aligns with the Black Moon Lilith, symbol of a primal feminine power (the Dark Feminine) that has long been a subject of fear and ridicule.

Carl Jung writes of the Dark Feminine:

In pilgrimage […]

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