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More on predicting the election: A test

Astrologer Olga Morales has posted on Twitter an interesting comparison of current charts for Donald Trump and Joe Biden in which she predicts a win for President Trump based on the fact that he is “fully loaded” compared to Biden who has indications for poor health and illness.  She uses midpoints which are not in my arsenal of techniques as they tend to clutter the chart and draw my intention away from the themes that will provide clear information.

I’m just going to put this here so we can see how things go over the next month.

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Clearing up confusion about Trump’s birth data

We can thank the fact that Neptune is in its own sign of Pisces, sowing confusion and distrust as well as floods and conspiracy theories, for the fact that everything is subject to suspicion.  I do think it’s rather ironic that after years of promotion by Donald Trump of the idea that Barack Obama had presented a fake birth certificate, some astrologers are now suspicious of whether or not Donald Trump himself has doctored his own birth certificate. 

The controversy seems to have begun with an article by Christine Arends in the Kepler College newsletter suggesting that astrologers failed to predict a Trump win because they were using the wrong chart.  (It should be noted that this prediction failure was also blamed on the lack of a reliable birth time for Hilary Clinton). She goes on to describe a hunt for the correct birth time for Donald Trump which seems to be based mostly on rumors and rectifications.  

Obviously, accurate birth times are of supreme importance when doing any kind of astrological analysis.  Often we are unable to ascertain a birth time, but in those cases we don’t rely on information that a birth time would provide.  I went on a hunt for the truth and was pointed to this article by Frank Clifford.  Frank is an astrologer who assisted the famed Lois Rodden in her data collection work in the 1990s, and his collections are used by the eminent astrology software Solar Fire.   

Frank reports: 

In April 1992, Lois Rodden’s ‘Data News’ (Issue 34) published the following: ‘Finally we have data for The Donald! I am reluctant to say “private source” as that is so ambiguous as to mean […]

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Donald J. Trump and the progressed New Moon

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Political posts, especially on the subject of the current president, can generate a lot of controversy.  As always I have tried to be as neutral as possible and focus on the astrology.  Please do the same in the comments.

Donald Trump is going through a tough time right now.  Impeachment inquiry, staff changes – it appears as though his teflon presidency is facing some bumps in the road and this is coming at a time when he is particularly astrologically sensitive, with transiting Saturn, the planet of tests and challenges, facing off in a square against his natal Chiron (emotional wounds).

Things will not get easier for him next year when both Saturn and Pluto (destruction and regeneration) hit his natal Saturn by opposition in January and February.  His Venus (relationships) is involved as well since it conjoins his natal Saturn, and his fragile alliances and partnerships (Venus) will be tested.  However, he will also have Jupiter (opportunity) and Pluto (empowerment) harmonizing with his Midheaven (career and public life) which could serve to empower him despite the challenges coming from outside.

Right now, at this exact moment, there is a New Moon in his progressed chart.  Just like a New Moon in the sky, a progressed New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon align in the progressed chart, the natal chart which evolves through time as a forecasting tool.  Progressed New Moons occur every 29 years or so and are times of shedding the past and beginning something new – they are significant times of change and evolution.

The last time Trump experienced a Progressed New Moon was in Leo back in 1990. This coincides with the time of the acquisition and renovation of the Atlantic City Taj Mahal – the greatest casino ever built in the […]

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It’s here! The Solar Eclipse of August 2017 – what does it mean for you?

August 2017 Leo eclipse from the Tarot de St Croix The Solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 falls in the sign of Leo, the Divine Child – the innocent heart, the soul of magic and wonder.  Leo rules the heart and the vitality of the Self: it encourages us to open our hearts to love for others and for ourselves. Ruled by the Sun itself, Leo is the essence of Kingship – the divine and royal part of ourselves that is full of self-respect and kindness.  Leo encourages us to express our best selves and while Leo is associated with the need for admiration, ultimately our best selves find expression without the need for others’ notice and attention.  Creative self-expression and the courage and confidence to allow our inner beauty to be expressed through outward means are the force behind the Leo New Moon.

A solar eclipse occurs at the New Moon, when the Sun and Moon are conjunct (next to each other) in the sky.  As the Moon moves through its orbit it passes between the Sun and the Earth, briefly obscuring the light of the Sun.  A New Moon is only an eclipse when the lunation (Sun/Moon conjunction) occurs near the lunar nodes, the points where the Moon crosses the path of the Sun.  Here is where astrology gets involved:  The descending (South) and ascending (North) nodes of the Moon represent a path of Fate from the past (South Node) to the future (North Node).  For this reason, an astrological eclipse can bring about events that have enormous significance, especially if they fall on a point in someone’s individual chart.

The chart this eclipse is a fiery one!  This is the second Leo New […]

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