Doom and gloom for autumn 2007

Thanks to Elsa as always for finding this interesting article from Theodore White, a traditional astrologer, about upcoming fall events.

As many of you know, I have a strong dislike for the consideration of certain planetary events or placements as “bad” or “good.” Some are easier and some are more challenging, but it’s often the easiest aspects that get us in the most trouble! And while I have tremendous respect for my more traditional colleagues and admire the work that they do, I find that much of the traditional approach is based in fear and avoidance of difficult situations.

I can’t help but believe that if life were meant to be easy we would have been sent to a different planet. Earth life is filled with joy and beauty but it is hard. Even individuals with easy charts go through periods of crisis and face death and disaster. But the experience of soul growth and transformation that comes from facing our challenges and learning their lessons is so exhilarating and magical that it is not to be traded for a life of laziness and complacency.

Getting down from my soapbox now – I was particularly interested in this statement from the article because my knowledge of the fixed stars is very limited (although I hope to rectify that situation soon!):

In summer 2007, we’ve seen some interesting transits of planets conjoined to what are called the four (4) Royal Stars —

Venus/Saturn – conjoined to fixed star Regulus (Watcher of the North)
Jupiter – conjoined to fixed star Antares (Watcher of the West)
Mars – conjoined to fixed star Aldeberan (Watcher of the East)
Moon/Dragon’s Head – Aug. 28, 2007 lunar eclipse – conjoined to fixed star Fomalhaut (Watcher of the South)

The planetary conjunctions to the four […]

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