6.15.21 – Finding joy in the Leo Moon

Tao Porchon Lynch just before her death at 101

I talked to a lovely client today who like so many of us is having trouble identifying what she wants.  So here we are in this Saturn/Uranus cycle of change – how do we get off the hamster wheel of same-ness and participate in the creation of our next moment?  Today we have the end of the Leo Moon (The Moon moves into Virgo at 11 pm EDT tonight) – the Moon which more than any other asks us to celebrate ourselves.  To find a joyful expression of our being, and to learn to share that joy with others.

So often we wait for life to bring us healing, or love, or friendship, or success.  There’s an idea now in astrological circles, one revived from 2,000 year old practices, that life is preordained and we are merely “soldiers of fate.”  If everything is fated, and we are simply living out a script, then life has no meaning and that idea is simply unacceptable to me.  So today let’s use the Leo Moon to teach us how to celebrate our own divine creative abilities and create that energetic shift which will forever adjust the course of our lives in a positive fashion. ❤️

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