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6.7.21 What is means when there’s no fire in the sky

art by Monique Munoz

There are no exact planetary interactions in the sky today although the stressful opposition from Mars to Pluto is still well within range of causing trouble.  This can be a good thing – one reader wrote of a potential challenging conversation that ended up with a wonderful result!  Mars teaches us to speak our truth, and ideally we are able to resolve any problems which stand in the way.  But not all of us are good at doing this, and then Pluto comes along and makes sure we learn the lesson. 😃

Meanwhile though, with the Moon having left Aries for Taurus there are no planetary bodies in fire signs other than Chiron which is in Mars-ruled Aries, picking at our wounds in these areas.  Fire bestows physical energy – it purifies and endows us with passion and drive and the motivation to achieve our desires. When there is a lack of fire, either in a natal chart or in the current astrological climate, we have to find this drive and passion within ourselves rather than rely on outer influences. Because there’s no fire to fuel our passions, we can sometimes be even more passionate with no real conduit through which they can be expressed.  Mars will move into Leo in a few days – in the meantime, we can call in the element of fire through our conscious attention and use our Will with great intent to help generate some fire within us. 🔥

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5.7.21 – Explore the possibility of fire with the Moon in Aries

art by Jenna Stone

Ever since the Sun left Aries on April 20th, there have been no major planetary bodies in the signs of fire other than Chiron.  This lack of fire energy is associated with lethargy and a lack of motivation or inspiration.  And not only are no planets in fire signs, but the fire planet Mars is in the water sign of Cancer which literally waters down its energies of passion and protection. Fire purifies and burns away the things we have already lost, which can be frightening for some of us and thrilling for others.  But in the natural world, and the astrological one, we need a balance in all things.

Today the Moon moves into Aries, the most fiery of the fire signs – a subtle influence, but if we pay attention we can use that burst of fire to give us a boost.  The sensitive Moon isn’t always that comfortable in Aries – we may find ourselves saying things suddenly and wishing we hadn’t, or feeling easily wounded, especially in the early hours of the morning Saturday/mid-day GMT when the Moon aligns with Chiron.  Meanwhile, a strong square aspect is building between Venus and Jupiter.  While squares are usually a challenge, strong aspects between the two “benefics” can give a lift for a few days and amplify prosperity and abundance.  Our relationships are usually impacted positively by this aspect which culminates on Saturday. ❤️

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4.13.21 – Use today’s pure fire for inspiration and purpose

art by Laurie Bain

Today we have a planetary dance of unadulterated fire to burn off any lingering negativity or behavior patterns which create disturbances for us. The Sun, brilliant in its pure radiance, is in the sign of Aries – the sign of pure and original fire.  A cardinal sign, Aries is a sign of action and intent. During the month that the sign is in Aries, the impetus for action becomes more finely honed and less disturbed by extraneous impulses.

Today the Aries Sun forms a sextile to Mars, the fire planet.  Mars inspires action and desire – it offers the inspiration to fuel the activation of our goals and wishes, and provides the physical energy for us to make things happen.  Mars gets a bad rap in traditional astrology, but the proper use of its energies is critical for our wellbeing.  Meanwhile the Taurus Moon helps us to find a sense of rootedness and comfort as we explore the depth of our passions today. ❤️

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The astrology of Multiple Sclerosis, 2019 edition

astrology of multiple sclerosisClients and longtime readers of this blog know that I have a special interest in the way the energy of an astrological chart manifests in health problems and I have written before about the correlation to a compromised Mars placement and various autoimmune diseases.   Disclaimer:  I have no medical training and any medical information that appears in this blog contains only my own hypothetical beliefs and should not in any way be construed as medical advice.

The astrological role of Mars is to energize us and provide defense for the personality.  Mars is known as the planet of war, but also motivates and inspires and can be brought to rage and anger if we are thwarted.  Many of us are afraid of anger, both in ourselves and others, and we often repress our own rage and/or find it difficult to defend ourselves when necessary.  How well we are predisposed to deal with matters of war and action and courage is demonstrated by the placement of Mars in the astrological chart.  When Mars in the astrological chart is debilitated or blocked, the frustration and anger can build up in the body’s energetic system and emerge in a variety of health issues.  Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis – I have seen all of these issues, as well as multiple sclerosis, in clients with a compromised Mars in their charts.

Multiple sclerosis is classified as an autoimmune disease – a disease in which the immune system attacks the body and the body is unable to defend itself against the attack.  You can easily see the correspondence between Mars and this definition – there is an attack and a lack of defense, both are Mars factors.  I have written before on […]

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RIP Kate Spade

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Designer Kate Spade, whose handbags can be seen everywhere, has died of an apparent suicide at the age of 55.  A fashion designer for many years,in 2006 she sold the successful company that she started with her husband in 1993.  Their more recent endeavors had not been as well received.

I recently did a session for a client who was very depressed and wanted to know if her chart showed a tendency towards suicide.  The fact is, while a chart can show whether an individual will suffer from depression and what form that is likely to take, how they manage their suffering is not something we can see in the chart.  We can see whether someone has the strength to actively fight for their health and turn their life around, but we can’t predict whether or not they will actually do it.

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Kate Spade’s chart (set for noon, no birth time available) does show the potential for psychological issues.  Emotional intensity (Pluto square the Moon) adds to a deep sense of abandonment as illustrated by stressful aspects from Chiron (soul wounding and healing) to both the Moon and Pluto. Uranus (radical behavior) is involved too in that system, which can sometimes suggest a tendency towards anxiety and a highly sensitized nervous system.  The fact that her Moon was in happy Sagittarius suggests that it would be difficult for her to delve into her unhappiness and would instead attempt to fly beyond her problems.

Ms. Spade’s chart was also weak in the fire element; her Sagittarius Moon provided motivation and drive […]

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