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The rebellion of Juan Williams

Juan Williams is a well-respected journalist who has been a commentator for NPR news since 1999 and on Fox News for the past several years.  Last week Williams was fired by NPR for saying that he was afraid of travelers in Muslim garb, a comment that has generated a great deal of subsequent controversy.

In early 2009 NPR executives requested that Fox News stop referring to Williams as an NPR correspondent after Williams made some unflattering remarks about Michelle Obama, and Williams now says that NPR has been looking for a reason since then to fire him.

Throughout his career Williams has resisted being pigeonholed in any particular ideology and he has been accused of taking a liberal slant on NPR and a more conservative one on Fox News.  This is a facet of his rebellious nature that we can clearly see in his astrological chart.  With the Sun in Aries (born April 10, 1954, time unknown) in an exact square to Uranus, the planet of rebellion and innovation, he is an independent and individualistic (Aries) fighter for the rights of others and true rebel (Uranus).  He can be evasive and difficult to pin down (Sun opposing Neptune) which makes it easy for him to slip in and out of philosophical arguments.

Mars (aggression) squares Mercury (communication) in his chart, and this planetary combination has been affected by the transit of Jupiter (confidence) and Uranus (rebellion) over the past two months.  This is a planetary cycle that inspires us to be more outspoken than usual and speak without thinking.

The whole question of whether Williams should have been fired by NPR is outside of the scope of this article.  Personally I think it was an impulsive move on the part […]

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White House email: Mars/Mercury in action

It was only Friday that I wrote:

Mercury is the planet that rules over communication, the transmission of information and the operation of small machinery, and for the next week or so it will be under stress, potentially causing disruptions in the way we communicate with others and the smooth operation of business. …

Mars is the planet that stimulates desire and passion, and it is in Mercury’s other sign of Gemini.  A heightened intensity in communication is one of the hallmarks of Mars in Gemini and we are certainly seeing this with the fervor exhibited in the Town Hall meetings over healthcare that began last week when Mars (aggression) made a square to Saturn (authority figures)..

Today hysteria erupted on Fox News over unsolicited emails from the White House regarding health care reform.  In a press conference on August 13, a correspondent from Fox News, Major Garrett, asked press secretary Robert Gibbs about complaints Fox had received regarding unsolicited email from the White House.  Gibbs asked Garrett whether he had the email addresses that were the subject of the complaint so that he could check those addresses against the White House distribution list, and Fox News has distorted this to appear that the White House has a list that targets dissenters and sends them unsolicited propaganda emails.

This story actually began last week, when Senator John Cornyn reacted to a request from the  White House Director of New Media to report “fishy” emails about health insurance reform to a special email address.  Cornyn wrote to President Obama of his concerns about what he called a “White House program to monitor” the speech of American citizens.

The fervor over free speech that has suddenly erupted with the Town Hall hysteria and the flak over emails from the White House is consistent with the planetary aspects […]

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