Gemini Full Moon

Planetary news this week: A Mars-y Gemini Full Moon

Astrological update for the week of December 5-12, 2022

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I don’t know about you, but the past few weeks have felt very much like Mercury retrograde, with lots of glitches and communication breakdowns. There’s a reason for that: Mars is retrograde in Mercury-ruled Gemini. Because of this retrograde phase, Mars will have been in Gemini for seven months and you can read more about that here. In Gemini, Mars inspires quick and rapid-fire thinking and communication, and we often speak without considering the ramifications of what we say. With thoughts and actions operating at a higher rate of speed, we can become exhausted mentally and need some rest time to regroup and re-strategize.

In any case, this retrograde Mars is featured in this week’s Gemini Full Moon which takes place on December 7th at 11:09 pm EST. Here the Gemini Moon is hungry to learn as much as possible about many different things – there tends to be a lack of discrimination and a deep curiosity about a broad spectrum of topics.  The Sagittarius Sun is more focused and seeks a more specialized understanding and tends to be less verbal than Gemini. At the Full Moon these opposites can most effectively be integrated, and with the energy of the peak of the lunar cycle all kinds of magic can happen.

The Mercurial focus on the mind and information processing is also present in Mars which is retrograde in Gemini and conjunct the Moon. Mars is at its closest point to Earth right now where its effect of aggression and motivation can be more pronounced. Under this combination of Mars opposing the Sun and conjunct the Moon we may find ourselves struggling to contain these impulses, […]

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Sunday inspiration for the Gemini Full Moon

The energies of yesterday’s Gemini Full Moon still linger, and the longing to fill our lives with new experiences is one theme that can be experienced under this Full Moon.  With yet another Covid variant exerting pressure and compression just as the final-ish phase of the Saturn/Uranus square takes place this month it is tempting to despair as the world seems to close in.  But hidden in the small spaces are nuggets of opportunities to find tiny joys that can change our lives.

A friend posted this quote on Facebook and it echoes this idea perfectly for me.  We can still find those small things that help us to come alive, and allow that feeling of aliveness to permeate everything that we do. ❤️

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Astrological update for the week of December 13-20, 2021: So much going on!

There’s way too much going on this week for a snappy heading! So I’m just going to dive right in.

Venus/Pluto conjunction.  Venus and Pluto conjoined last week and Venus is virtually stationary as she prepares to turn retrograde on Sunday December 19th, so this aspect will continue really until the end of December. when Venus begins to retrograde away from Pluto.  This is a potent combination which has the potential to create deep transformation in our self-esteem as well as our interpersonal connections. Venus is in Capricorn where we tend to have a more practical and pragmatic approach to these matters, making it easier to do the work that Pluto requires in order to effect positive transformation.

Speaking of Venus, Venus turns retrograde December 19. The retrograde cycle of Venus lasts for 40 days (see more on this interesting subject) and like all retrograde cycles offers an opportunity to take a step back and re-assess our values, relationships, priorities, attachments, and principles.  Under Venus retrograde, relationships can be repaired and re-discovered, and while it’s true that these are not the best times to begin new relationships of any kind. a relationship begun under a retrograde Venus can help us to learn more about ourselves.

Mars and Mercury change signs. When planets shift from one sign to the next, there is a change of focus in the matters associated with that sign. Mars has been in Scorpio, one of its rulership signs where it is at its most potent, and the intensity of aggressive force and competition has been palpable.  On Monday the 13th, Mars has just moved into Sagittarius.  This is a big move – from the intensity of Scorpio into the happy optimism of Sagittarius – and […]

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The offering of the lunar eclipse on November 30, 2020

photo by Mohammad Taher Pilevar on SpaceWeather

The Gemini Full Moon on November 30th (at 4:29 am EST) is also a penumbral lunar eclipse.  A lunation (New or Full Moon) becomes an eclipse when it is adjacent to the lunar nodes (the crossing points of the path of the Moon over the path of the Sun), and the closer the lunation is to the nodes, the more total the eclipse is and the more intense the fated quality of the eclipse will be.  The lunar nodes are associated with fate and destiny – they mark the journey from past (at the South Node) to future (at the North). In this lunar eclipse, the Gemini Moon is conjunct the North Node of the future, suggesting that curiosity and an open mind can lead our way forward and away from rigid beliefs and ideologies (Sagittarius South Node) that can hold us back.

The Gemini/Sagittarius polarity is all about collecting and assimilating information – this is a time to keep an open mind, and prepare for an awakening and a shift in belief systems where necessary.  Gemini can be a trickster – under its influence things are not always what they appear and that is especially true now because Neptune, planet of magic and mystery but also confusion and delusion, is locked in a challenging square to the Nodes.  Information can be a valuable guide, but it can also be a trap if it leads us down a rabbit hole of factoids and half-truths.  However, Mercury, planet of the mind, is in Scorpio where it prefers to probe deeply into a matter before coming to a conclusion, and a harmonious sextile to Pluto enhances and deepens our […]

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Astrological update for the week of November 23, 2020 including lunar eclipse!

This week we have Neptune turning direct and the first of a pair of eclipses with the lunar eclipse at the Gemini Full Moon.  I talk a little about the election even though I tried not to, and give you a run down of what you can expect throughout the week.  I started including time codes in the video so please let me know if you find them useful!  I’m also curious about how relevant people find the charts sprinkled through.  Transcript as always is below the promo stuff.

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Transcript (transcribed by machine and roughly edited for readability, please excuse errors!)

Hey everybody, its Lynn Hayes. Welcome back to my channel. And if you’re new here, I’m glad you decided to join me today. In today’s video, we’re going to be talking about the astrology for the week from November 23 to the 30th 2020. And what a year it has been! On the day that I filmed this, the results of the election are pretty clear. But the winner has not actually been certified. I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about this, I have spoken about it in the past few videos. And if you’re interested, please take a look. I will do a post mortem once things are finalized, and we can move on.

One thing I do want to just mention, a lot of astrologers are talking about the fact that Mercury turns direct on Election Day, […]

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