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Bush’s Reign WIthout his Brain

Sorry – I couldn’t help myself! The Brain, of course, refers to the recent departure of Karl Rove who is commonly known as Bush’s Brain.

Nancy Sommers (Waterman) writes a biting commentary on the next few months of Bush’s Reign:

Unfortunately, Bush’s tendency to see the world as he wants it to be, through the rose-tinted lens of his neocon glasses, will completely obscure any rational thinking through October 2007, and to a lesser extent through the duration of his term. Recently, his jarring cheerfulness in the face of multiple abject failures and his self-aggrandizing fantasies of being lionized by history have been seen by others as increasingly disconnected from reality. With Bush’s progressed Moon square his natal Neptune from late September through October activating the peak month of the year-long solar arc progressed Ascendant conjunct Neptune, in addition to the transiting Jupiter square his natal Moon/Jupiter conjunction in October, we can expect Bush to be flying high during the next few months on grandiose delusions to which the rest of us who live in the reality-based world are not privy.

It is noteworthy that this comes just after a likely US expansion of military activity in the second and third weeks of September (Jupiter conjunct US Ascendant), as well as during a time when violence is likely to escalate in both Iraq and Pakistan (see below). With transiting Neptune opposing Bush’s natal Venus and sesquiquadrate his natal Neptune picking up again in late December 2007 through February 2008, and again from September through mid-November 2008, future periods when the White House Wizard thinks he has turned noxious weeds into an apple orchard are likely. But the curtain will rapidly drop on his inner fairy tales as his presidency reaches its final days, […]

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George Bush: A Look Ahead

george-bushEver since George Bush began the debacle known as the Iraq War he has been going through a series of problematic planetary cycles that have put him under tremendous pressures and forced confrontations with many of his friends and associates. You can read more about the overall State of the President in this article from January which has links to previous posts as well.

Transiting Saturn is still putting pressure on Venus in his chart, showing difficulties in partnerships and relationships of all kinds. His crony Alberto Gonzales is being scrambled in Congressional hearings, his devotee Condoleeza Rice is being relegated to the back burner after her failed mission to repair the international alliances which her boss had destroyed. Despite the pressures of Saturn, a planet that normally has us retreating into darkness as we prepare our next move, Bush is out wielding his sword all over the place, the schoolyard bully trying to bluff the bipartisan Congress with his phallic veto powers.

George Bush’s current transits are a lesson in the fact that harmonious transits are not always a good thing. Jupiter in Bush’s natal chart is square to his Sun, an aspect that tends to create an aggrandized (Jupiter) ego (Sun). Currently, transiting Jupiter is trine Saturn and sextile Neptune, and all three planets are aspecting this Jupiter/Sun square. So we have transiting Jupiter expanding Bush’s sense of self-importance even more and Saturn adding stability to the mix. Meanwhile Neptune is opposing Bush’s Venus, making it difficult for him to see his relationships with any clarity.

Most alarming, transiting Jupiter began an opposition cycle to Uranus in Bush’s chart back in February, exciting his rebellious nature and causing his expanded ego (Jupiter/Sun square in his chart) to demand new […]

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Saturn/Neptune cycles love a good scandal!!

As I wrote last fall: “The opposition of Saturn to Neptune which began in late August and continues until next summer was predicted to bring the end (Saturn) of illusions (Neptune). It was, after all, the dominating planetary influence during the Watergate scandal. Neptune tends to erode the power structures of Saturn, and Saturn tests and challenges our idealistic fantasies and things that we would prefer to ignore. Americans have been willing to ignore the debacle in Iraq because by and large they haven’t really been personally affected. This is a very Neptunian way of looking at things: ignore them and they wil go away. Saturn comes and jolts us into realizing that our world is actually unraveling. ”

The number of scandals facing the Bush White House is staggering, coinciding with the second phase of the opposition cycle between Saturn and Neptune. When a planetary cycle has three or more phases due to the retrograde phenomenon, the first phase is typically a wake-up call, jolting us into awareness that something is amiss. The second phase really grabs our attention with some kind of crisis, and we usually find we have to make a change in our life to deal with the energy shift that the planetary cycle has thrust upon us. By the third phase we often have made that shift and we begin to integrate the lessons of the cycle, but if we have resisted the change we may find ourselves in an accelerating crisis that will ultimately force the evolutionary growth that the energy of the planets require.

Now that we are in the second phase of the Saturn/Neptune opposition, with Neptune’s confusion eroding Saturn in Leo’s question of Who is In Charge, multiple scandals are erupting in Washington:

  • The connection of 23 administration officials to […]
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Saturn/Neptune and the Bush Presidency

bush-danceAs we’ve said before too many times to cite, the current opposition cycle of Saturn to Neptune which began last summer and is now in the second phase of a three-part cycle, is forcing us to confront (Saturn) that which we are hiding (Neptune), among other things. Nowhere is this more true than in the Bush administration which has made obfuscation into an art form.

The inaugural chart of the Bush administration is the chart cast for the moment that George Bush became president. This chart very clearly describes the Bush presidency: The fixed sign Taurus is rising in the chart, indicating a persona that is focused on material security and the acquisition of money and other possessions. Taurus is conservative and doesn’t like change, and tends to be stubborn and fixed in ideology.

The Sun in the chart, showing the essential nature of the Bush presidency, is in detached and idealistic Aquarius. Aquarius has a vision of the perfect world and is not hampered by emotional considerations when implementing that vision. Aquarius is the sign of democracy, with justice and equality for all, but the inauguration chart shows a conjunction of the Sun to Neptune, the planet that compels us to reach beyond the boundaries of our ordinary lives and experience a more transcendent world. Spirituality is important with the Sun/Neptune combination, but there is also a tendency for self-deception as Neptune’s wizardry for disguise and confusion takes hold of the identity.

The Sun is trined by the beneficent Jupiter here, showing a general sense of optimism and offering a fair amount of good luck, and Jupiter therefore also trines Neptune which can bring an expanded sense of compassion and empathy. The impulse for benevolence is here, but unfortunately […]

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George Bush solar chart

Philip Brown at Astrofuture Trends has an article on Bush’s solar return chart that adds more detail on what’s in store for Bush over the next year.

President Bush’s 2006 solar return, which shows what will happen in his life through July, 2007, has no planets in the earth element. This is a significant imbalance, indicating a lack of support with little to ground him. The bottom drops from under his political footing. This is what has started to happen with the Democratic takeover of Congress, and it will continue for at least the next eight months. Bush has not reached the end of his plummet.

Pluto, the point of transformation in the horoscope, is conjunct his solar return Ascendant. Bush’s whole public façade will continue to undergo intense change through the first half of 2007. He will confront issues of personal power.

The Moon and Jupiter are conjunct in the 10th house of career, indicating a big (Jupiter) change (Moon) in that area of Bush’s life. That does not mean he will be impeached, but his political career will undergo intense change (the solar return Moon is in Scorpio). Saturn squares the Moon-Jupiter conjunction, so the change will not be a pleasant one for Bush. He’s not getting a promotion. We can already see this happening with his “demotion” by voters in the midterm election.

I would add that this chart is for the year that began in July when the Sun returned to its place in Bush’s birthchart.

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