Sunday inspiration: This is the time

“This is the time to draw nearer to each other.

This is the time to forgo building our businesses to build intimate relationships; relationships of meaning and care, of day-to-day relevance and the wisdom of skin-to-skin.

This is the time to measure our merit based on our actual, measurable relevance; relevance to the people around us (human and more-than-human).

This is the time to get closer to the Earth, to be sustained by its magnitude, complexity and benevolence.

This is the time to remember what silence feels like, to sit in circle together around the Fire and catch the new songs and gestures; ones that will shepherd us into and through the dark belly of this grief, to come out the other side as humans with the resilience to weather the unimaginable human-made storm, whose early winds are already blowing.”

Christiane Pelmas 

thank you to my friend Alisa for the quote. 

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New Moon in Libra: Healing karmic lessons from the past.

Once every month or so, we are given an opportunity to be reborn into a new zodiacal archetype when the Sun and Moon unite at the New Moon.  Each sign unfolds into the next as we move through the twelve archetypes of human existence, and we are given another opportunity to wipe the slate clean and begin anew, to create intention and to begin a cycle of growth.

This month the wheel has spun us into the Libra New Moon, which is also a Supermoon (™ Richard Nolle).  A Supermoon is at its closest point to Earth, and its energies are felt more intensely by us humans!  Supermoons are more visible when they are full as they appear large and glorious in the sky, but the Super New Moons are just as powerful.

Following the entry of the Sun into Libra at the Equinox, the Moon joins not only the Sun but also Mercury and Venus already in Libra.  As we move from Virgo into Libra, we transition from the critical thinking of Virgo into a more tactical and tactful way of looking at the world (Libra).  Libra is represented by the scales of balance that requires an equal and opposite reaction to every action.  The act of bringing disharmonious energies into harmony is the lesson of Libra.

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus – the planet of love, beauty and attraction.  With Venus in ascendance, matters of relationships and anything which brings aesthetic harmony into our lives will be highlighted.  But this New Moon is challenged by an opposition from Chiron, the planet of healing and wounding.  Under the influence of Chiron, the faultline that runs through our efforts […]

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Sunday poetry: The Way Under the Way

The Way Under the Way

For all that has been written,
for all that has been read, we
are led to this instant where one
of us will speak and one of us will
listen, as if no one has ever placed
an oar into that water.

It doesn’t matter how we come
to this. We may jump to it or be
worn to it. Because of great pain.
Or a sudden raw feeling that this
is all very real. It may happen in a
parking lot when we break the eggs
in the rain. Or watching each other
in our grief.

But here we will come. With very
little left in the way.

When we meet like this, I may not
have the words, so let me say it now:
Nothing compares to the sensation
of being alive in the company of
another. It is God breathing on
the embers of our soul.

Stripped of causes and plans
and things to strive for,
I have discovered everything
I could need or ask for
is right here—
in flawed abundance.

We cannot eliminate hunger,
but we can feed each other.
We cannot eliminate loneliness,
but we can hold each other.
We cannot eliminate pain,
but we can live a life
of compassion.

we are small living things
awakened in the stream,
not gods who carve out rivers.

Like human fish,
we are asked to experience
meaning in the life that moves
through the gill of our heart.

There is nothing to do
and nowhere to go.
Accepting this,
we can do everything
and go anywhere.

Mark Nepo

We are still in Virgo Season, nestling into the small details of our lives and our spiritual journey.  The natural world beckons to […]

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Sunday inspiration: Metabolizing the experience

from Matt Licata

Photography by Peggy Roth Major

Just as we must properly digest the food we eat to absorb its nutrients, we must also metabolize our experience, as it enters by way of our senses, nervous systems, hearts, and psyches.

Each time we have a conversation, feel a wave of melancholy or joy, dialogue with a friend, cook a meal, spend time in nature. Each time we open to this world, allow another to matter, bear witness to a sunset or a flower, or to the miracle of breath within us, a portal is unlocked.

But to what degree are we truly participating in our experience?

Where it is not just another unconsciously recorded event, by way of autopilot, but one tended to in and embodied and ensouled way? Where we touch it with the outrageousness of consciousness, and are touched by it in return?

Just because we “have” an experience does not mean it is properly assimilated. If our rage, grief, disappointment, and joy remain partly processed, we become leaky and unable to access the fuel required for a life of intimacy, connection, and flow.

If we do not properly chew and digest the food that we eat, we are not able to mine the energy our bodies need to function optimally. Without embodied experience our souls remain unnourished and we find ourselves missing life.

While the longing for transformation is noble, if we are not careful it can serve to reinforce circuitries of self-abandonment and unconscious psychic materialism. One of the shadow sides of seeking and the (seemingly) endless project of self-improvement is that we never slow down enough to digest what we have already been given, which is often much […]

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Grief is like a river

Yesterday I played some music for a community event called “Death and Cupcakes,”  an exploration of the expression of grief.  Although there were a few men in the group, it was the women who shared their stories.  One whose husband died from ALS and struggles for her children to find a way forward after this devastating loss.  One whose son died a few years ago and seeks to find a ritual to remember him on the third anniversary of his death.  One who struggles with “anticipatory grief” knowing that someone she loves plan to take his life.

Grief is the deep emotion of mourning a loss.  Typically we think of grief as mourning the death of a loved one, but I wonder if grief can be defined as any loss of love.  In life our losses can mount up.  The loss of an idea of a mother’s love.  The loss of a dream of a marriage that didn’t work out and the love of that partner. The loss of a special pet.  The loss when a child leaves the home. The loss caused by regret that we didn’t do enough for someone we love once they are gone.

One thing that struck me yesterday is that there is no one structure that we can build for healing our grief.  Not only is every situation of loss different, every one of us experiences grief differently and crystallizes the experience of loss into our lives in different ways.  Grief can make us feel closer to the ones we have lost.  It sometimes becomes part of our story – a new identity that we take on.  After my mother lost her husband the first thing she would say when she met someone new […]

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