3.11.21 Re-elevaluating relationships under the Pisces Sun and Juno

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Over the next few days both the Sun and Venus will square the asteroid Juno.  The asteroids are storytellers: they don’t make the big impacts of planets and luminaries and I rarely discuss them in these posts, but they add color and detail to whatever is happening.  Juno was the wife of Jupiter, or Jove as he was also called and if you watched my video this week you know that I don’t think Jupiter was a very good husband.  Juno was often cross as she continuously tried to set those very good boundaries in her marriage, and the asteroid Juno represents the structured commitments of relationships and our obligations that are required to hold them together.

Juno is in Sagittarius right now where she’s willing to allow for some space to grow within those confines.  Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, after all, and some freedom is necessary. The Sun is in Pisces which Jupiter ALSO rules, so despite the fact that this is a square aspect which is somewhat challenging, the Jupiter rulership of both helps us to expand the roles we have created for ourselves in our interactions with others. Still, with the Moon moving into Pisces at 9:43 am EST, it may be more difficult to find where the boundaries are as the goalposts are continually moving this week. ❤️

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Juno and the Black Moon Lilith tell an important story right now

There is an astonishing amount of planetary energies in the sky right now.  To recap, we have had three planets tightly wound together in the stable, grounded sign of Capricorn since the spring of 2020 (Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn), creating restriction and pressure for responsibility and the supremacy of societal organizations.  Mars (action and desire) is in its own sign of Aries where it is most powerful, about to turn retrograde, in a challenging aspect to the Capricorn planets and challenging their authority and attempts to create order.

Neptune (inspiring transcendence and spiritual creativity) is in its own sign of Pisces where it has been since 2012.  Neptune’s highest expression is that of intuitive connection with a divine force, but its dark side is that of delusion and illusion.  Neptune is particularly strong in Pisces, where it is connected to pandemics, spiritual confusion, and an absence of truth and facts.

Even without the more minor bodies such as asteroids and other points, this would already be a significant time of planetary evolution.  But add to this the new planet Eris, representing discord and chaos, which is being challenged by the Capricorn planets and especially Pluto (destruction and transformation), and we have a real cocktail of intensity that is like an earthquake, shaking the very foundations of the world in which we live.  If history is any guide, this will eventually result in greater stability and equality as human society recalibrates, but in the meantime it’s not an easy time in which to live.

Juno is usually referred to as the asteroid of marriage, and it’s true that Juno has a strong connection to the uniting of two souls in a […]
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The astrology of Meghan Markle

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This is Part I of a two-part series on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.  Disclosure: As a long time fan of the Suits TV show (Seasons 1-5, it lost me after Season 6) and a follower of Meghan’s Tig blog until its recent demise,  I am fully on Team Meghan.  While I’ve tried to be as impartial as possible in this profile, I am definitely prejudiced by my admiration for her and am tickled that a mixed-race American is going to marry Prince Harry, forever transforming the British monarchy and symbolizing a sea change in the traditions of royalty. 

In case you have been cloistered away from the news, and who could blame you, Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle are engaged and will be married in May 2018.  I profiled Prince Harry in the summer of 2017 (catch up here)  after he opened up to the world about his psychological issues – this article is about Meghan and I will follow up with an astro analysis of their relationship.

Meghan Markle astrology Click to enlarge

Meghan was born with the Sun in Leo: sign of the actor, the entertainer – with a generous heart and a craving for attention. It must be said that Leo IS the sign of royalty – represented by the King of the Lions, most individuals with a strong Leo signature in their charts have a need to feel special and acclaimed.

Her Libra Moon signifies a craving for partnership and a need for personal harmony, but her Moon is impinged by both Saturn (isolation, loneliness, achievement) and […]

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Sagittarius New Moon, November 29: A new look at your future

55615088 - bright blue sky with clouds and new moonWith the Sun and Moon aligned in Sagittarius, we begin a new chapter in the lunar wheel and there is an opportunity for expansion and greater knowledge as we expand our idea of what is possible.  Sagittarius is the adventurer – the seeker of freedom and the one who breaks through limitations and artificially enforced boundaries to find true liberation and a path of higher knowledge.

The Sagittarius New Moon gives all of us an opportunity to open up to this energy – to learn to seek the possible rather than the familiar and expected.  Under the Sagittarius New Moon our minds are blown wide open so that we can take in a higher level of understanding about the world around us.

This New Moon features the asteroid Juno (representing commitment and requirements of society) aligning with the Sun and Moon, integrating our duties and responsibilities to family and loved ones with the freedom loving journeys of Sagittarius.  I imagine we will see a number of engagements occur at this New Moon!

Venus (relationships) is also featured prominently in the chart for this New Moon and any intentions that you create for this lunar cycle will want to include a focus on your interpersonal connections.  “What can I do to create more harmony in my relationships and still retain my individuality” is a good question to ask at this New Moon. Don’t expect to achieve instant clarity, however, a challenging aspect from mystical Neptune will blur both the questions and the answers at the New Moon and a few days beyond.  However, the information that you uncover will have merged with your conscious mind and will emerge when you are ready […]

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