Jupiter conjunct Pluto

Will Smith and the Chironic wound

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Will Smith has been having a bit of a breakdown lately.  In the fall of 2021 he published his memoir and came out with a YouTube documentary called “The Best Shape of my Life” which also showed him writing the memoir and facing some emotionally painful memories and truths including the fact that he had considered suicide.  And this week the breakdown spilled out in a very public way when he slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars for insulting his wife Jada Pinkett.

Smith was born under the Sun in Libra in a very tight opposition aspect (180 degrees) to Chiron in Aries. Chiron, a small planet with comet-like properties, was discovered in 1977 and is associated with wounding and healing. Often called the “wounded healer” (a name I personally dislike because of the negative connotations of a wounded psyche attempting to heal others instead of themselves), I think of Chiron as the “soul healer.” Chiron’s role is to expose old wounds when the psyche is prepared to digest and release the trauma – physical, mental or spiritual – that is held energetically in the body.  When Chiron is strongly aspecting one of the personal planets or the Sun and Moon we are often hyper-sensitive and carrying a greater number of wounds from old traumas than the average person. (Not everyone with a strong Chiron aspect has experienced trauma, but the emotional hypersensitivity is present in any case.)

Chiron in Smith’s chart is in Aries, so between 2019 and 2021 or so transiting Chiron hit his natal Chiron. The Chironic wound in Aries is a wound to the ability to establish an identity. “Who am I?” is the question asked by Chiron in Aries, especially when it is opposite the Sun in Libra which seeks to establish […]

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11.12.20 Pallas and the conjunction of Jupiter to Pluto

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The final phase of the Jupiter conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn hits today, and the evidence is everywhere.  Ideological (Jupiter) conflict (Pluto), the destruction and rebuilding (Pluto in Capricorn) of everything that we believe to be true (Jupiter).  The Archetypal Explorer put this chart together tracking the Covid peaks to the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto, and you can clearly see the correlation. In our personal lives Jupiter and Pluto behave rather differently – under this influence the things which give our life meaning (Jupiter) have been blown apart (Pluto) and we are left with the things that are truly important so we can build on these as we move forward.

The asteroid Pallas is tightly conjunct Jupiter and Pluto at the time of the conjunction, shining a light of wisdom and of reason. This is a grace card to help us to use this divine knowledge of Pallas in order to rise above dangerous reactions that could create unforeseen and undesired effects, especially with the Moon in Libra today aligned with Venus to soften any hard edges and encourage harmony.  There are new paradigms now to build upon in order to bring new and perhaps more genuine meaning into our lives. ❤️

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Astrological update for the week of November 9, 2020: Scorpio New SuperMoon, Mars direct, and lots lots more

There’s so much to talk about this week, and the video went a bit longer than usual.  I’m using timecodes now so you can go right to the parts that interest you, and it also makes it easier to go back to things you want to listen to a second or third time.  The Moon is New in Scorpio this week, and it’s a SuperMoon (I’ll be writing a blog article about that too a little later in the week).  Mars turns direct this week.  Mercury goes back into Scorpio. And it’s the final phase of Jupiter conjunct Pluto, and Pallas is in there too so I have a little blurb about her as well.  Transcript follows, but give the video a try. I’m curious, who is still reading the transcript and who has switched over to watching the video? 

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Transcript (roughly edited, please forgive errors I have missed!)

Hey everybody, it’s Lynn Hayes. Welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, I appreciate your joining me. I seem to have a lot to say today. And that’s without talking about the election at all. I want to go ahead and get started. I am going to leave some time codes in the description box so if you don’t want to wade through all of the information, you can find what it is that you’re looking for easily. I’ll probably be talking more about the election in the next couple of weeks once things settle down a little bit more.

It should be no surprise to anybody following the astrology that there […]

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How to face an uncertain future

Quite a few of you have messaged and emailed me and commented about so much pain in your personal lives.

We are all rendered a bit raw by the pandemic. Suddenly the avenues of escapism are closed to us – the methods we used to use to try to transcend our anxieties and other emotions are no longer available. So we are locked in, not only with our families and housemates, but also with ourselves. Feelings from which we used to be able to hide are now impossible to ignore.

The transit of Mars (aggression) to Chiron (emotional wounding and healing) this week has sparked a fire in which these emotions are burning us up to one extent or another. The only way out of this is to go through it. To feel the emotions. To cry, to rage, to weep and yell. These things are coming up for a reason. It’s like when you’re sick and you feel like you have to vomit but you don’t want to. You feel better when it’s over. The trick is to avoid getting stuck in those feelings and making the story the reality.  Blame will keep us stuck, but the pain that we grow through is there to teach us something.  If we focus on the pain and the negativity, that’s what will take deeper root.  If we ask the question, “how can I release this pain and change my life?” THAT is the doorway to releasing the energies of these old patterns once and for all.

Then we have Jupiter (expansion and ideology) conjunct Pluto (destruction and regeneration), and of course Saturn (tests and challenges)is in the wings.  If these three are hitting something sensitive or important in your personal chart, […]

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Astrological insights for the week of June 29, 2020

This week we have phase two of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction including a Pallas connection, an illumination of Uranus and Chiron, and a lunar eclipse.  Lots to talk about so dive in! (Transcript below.) Note: in the video I talk about Chiron in sextile to Uranus – it’s actually a semi-sextile and I corrected that in the transcript.


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This week we’re going to be talking about the astrological influences coming up for the week of July 29, ending around July 5 with the lunar eclipse. So there’s a fair amount to talk about, let’s get started but first I want to back up and talk a little bit about what’s going on right now in the skies. In case you’re new to my channel, you may not be aware that right now there’s five planets that are traveling retrograde, or that are appearing to travel retrograde in the sky. Obviously, planets don’t actually move backwards in the sky. But because we look at the planetary motion from our perspective on Earth, sometimes they appear to be moving backwards. When a planet moves backwards or appears to move backwards from our perspective, the energy of that planet, the symbolism and influence of that planet, tends to be first of all more personal and more pronounced.  That planet is really getting our attention when it is retrograde. Also there tends to be a lot of looking back, it can be difficult to move forward, there’s not a lot of energy for change in forward motion, the energy is more for looking back and […]

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