Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter in Virgo 2015-2016

Jupiter in VirgoJupiter entered Virgo on August 11th, 2015 and will remain in that sign until September 9, 2016.  Because Jupiter’s orbital period is about 12 years, it spends about a year in each sign.

Jupiter, in his role as King of the Gods, inspires us to higher aspirations – to be bigger and better than we ever thought we could be.  Jupiter bestows confidence and the kind of faith that tends to bring good things our way – but it also can create an overblown sense of entitlement and grandiosity.  Jupiter is also connected to the search for meaning that separates humans from other creatures, and presides over theology and philosophy as well as constructs of law that underpin human society.

Jupiter’s expansion is not all that happy in the orderly sign of Virgo.  Over the next year you can expect greater focus on expressing one’s higher self (Jupiter) through service to others (Virgo), but also a diminishment of the kind of confidence and positivity that we experienced under Jupiter in Leo.  Jupiter is said to be in its detriment in Virgo because the expansiveness of Jupiter is impaired by Virgo’s need to create order out of minute details.  However, Jupiter’s relentless optimism can sometimes result in a careless complacency that keeps us from being able to achieve our goals and realize our dreams,. The passage of Jupiter through Virgo can enhance our work ethic and facilitate our ability to successfully navigate the many details of modern life.

The next year will be a time when managing of those small details in our lives becomes critical.  This dynamic will echo somewhat the restrictive force of Saturn in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, making this a better time for responsible attention to the mundane than […]

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Jupiter in Leo, July 16 2014 to August 11 2015

Jupiter in LeoJupiter is the biggest planet in our natural solar system, and it radiates more energy than any other planet except for the Sun.  Mythological Jupiter was the King of the Gods.  With these bigger than life qualities, Jupiter’s role is to expand our sense of what is possible in our ordinary lives by removing fears and limitations and instilling faith and trust in the Universe.  Jupiter is associated with the mental constructs that we develop which give our life a sense of meaning, such as religious or political philosophies, and it is generally seen as a “lucky” planet that brings opportunities and greater confidence.

Jupiter takes about twelve months to travel through a sign, and Jupiter now leaves the emotional sign of Cancer for fiery Leo. In Cancer Jupiter was focused on emotional security and security of the family or “tribe” – the realm of feeling has been highlighted and the sense of righteousness that Jupiter can demonstrate has been emotionally based and less reasonable than it was previously when Jupiter traveled through Gemini, an air sign of ideas.  Now Jupiter moves into the fire element where passion prevails.

The transition from Cancer to Leo takes us from a quiet expression of life to a more buoyant and almost explosive interest in experiences that will allow us to expand and grow in our sense of enjoyment of life.  Leo at its core is represented by the archetype of the Divine Child – the innocence and beauty of the Ego in its pure and unadulterated form.  Many of our spiritual philosophies and religions denigrate the Ego as something to be rejected (a Pisces/Neptune concept), but a healthy human experience requires that we develop and maintain a strong sense […]

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Alberto Gonzales: Tunnel vision and a shortage of empathy

Alberto Gonzales has ridden on the coattails of George Bush to fame and recognition. Among his achievements:

  • Assisted then-Governor Bush to avoid jury duty;
  • Worked against clemency in death penalty cases, aiding Governor Bush to execute more prisoners than any other state;
  • Promoted the end of the Geneva Convention and defended the detention of American citizens without habeas corpus and the torture of suspected terrorists;
  • Fought to keep the documents from Dick Cheney’s energy task force from being reviewed by Congress;
  • Promoted the “rendition” of prisoners to countries where they would be tortured;
  • Facilitated the dismissal of eight US prosecutors for political reasons, such as the prosecutor who aggressively went after Duke Cunningham’s bribery scandal.

Alberto Gonzales (born August 4, 1955, no time known) has an astonishing six planets in Leo, including a tight conjunction between the Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. Leo is the sign of royalty, and it is not uncommon for individuals with Leo in their charts to feel a sense of entitlement and a need for admiration and adulation. The conjunction of the Sun to Mercury shows a tremendous intelligence, and combined with Mars in the fiery sign of Leo there is a need to prove that intelligence through competition. There is potential for a combative nature here with Jupiter aligned with Mars in connection with the intellect (Mercury) and the spirit (Sun). Gonzales was an honor student in high school and earned his law degree from Harvard, a tremendous accomplishment for the son of illegal immigrants from Mexico. The Sun/Mercury combination also bestows a tendency towards pride in his intelligence which often leads to a belief that one is always right, and the addition of Mars gives the aggression to prove it.

The conjunction of Jupiter to both the Sun and Mercury, particularly […]

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