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12.19.20. Jupiter enters Aquarius, 2020-2021

art by Lily Seidel

Jupiter enters Aquarius on December 19, 2020 for the first time since January of 2009 and after a year of a stellium in Capricorn, the sign of hardship and mastery of the material world, astrologically-minded folk are celebrating. After all, Jupiter is said to be in its fall in Capricorn where the natural buoyancy and optimism of Jupiter must be compressed into the practical goals and strategies of Capricorn.  In the air sign of Aquarius, Jupiter’s boundless enthusiasm and positivity is more likely to enjoy free reign.

Jupiter and Saturn are considered “social” planets – unlike Mercury, Venus and Mars which deal primarily with the personality and the lens through which we see the world, Jupiter and Saturn describe the way we interact with the world around us.  Jupiter is expansive and reveals the ways in which we develop our philosophies about life through exploring shared traditions and ideas – it helps us to reach beyond the limits of our own ideas to keep learning and growing.  Jupiter also shows what we need in order to feel abundant and prosperous and what we might need to do in order to achieve this. Saturn, on the other hand, is restrictive and shows where we feel insecure or not good enough and where we may experience hardships so that we can become stronger through endurance, and more successful in the material world through hard work and discipline.

As Jupiter traverses the signs of the zodiac (approximately once a year), it helps us to open the doorways symbolized by those signs.  As Jupiter moved through Capricorn between December 2019 and December 20, it was conjunct Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, for much of the year and […]

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12.17.20 Saturn in Aquarius, 2020-2023

much of this article was originally posted when Saturn first entered Aquarius in March of 2020. 

art by Krystle Marie Smith

Saturn first entered Aquarius on March 21, 2020, then retrograded back into Capricorn on July 1st.  Throughout most of November and December, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were in lockstep within a few degrees, and because Mars was in challenging aspect to the Capricorn trio there was a great deal of conflict and chaos.  Saturn re-enters Aquarius on December 17th, 2020 and will remain in that sign until March 7, 2023.

Before we can understand the meaning of Saturn in Aquarius, we need to understand Saturn’s role in human existence.  This is especially important because as the traditional ruler of Aquarius, Saturn is said to be in its domicile in Aquarius (as well as in Capricorn).

Understanding astrological Saturn

Before the discovery of the modern planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (not to mention Chiron, the asteroids, and all of the other points that are now used to some extent by astrologers) there were seven planets and lights: the Sun, the Moon, and the five visible planets.  Saturn marked the outermost boundary of the solar system, and was surrounded by rings of containment.  These physical attributes reflect the astrological depiction of Saturn as governing limitations, physical boundaries such as gateposts and doorways, and the limitations we place on ourselves through self-doubt and fears.  Saturn was traditionally viewed as the Lord of Death – unlike the modern planet Pluto, which is associated with death as the ending of one aspect of life and the beginning of something new, death under Saturn is finite and final.

Saturn (in the northern hemisphere where astrology developed) is associated with the two zodiac signs […]

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