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Astrological news this week: A Leo Full Moon and a burst of inspiration with Jupiter and Uranus

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This week the Moon is full in Leo, a bright burst of joyful energy to help waken up the senses and stimulate the search for true joy and personal satisfaction.  With six planetary bodies in Saturn-ruled signs (four in Capricorn and two in Aquarius), the energies have been a bit heavy recently so a Full Moon in fire will give us a nice boost.

The beautiful alignment between Jupiter and Uranus discussed in last week’s post culminates this week, helping us to break out of old patterns and find new ways to break through obstacles. New opportunities may lurk behind corners, so be sure to pay attention. 😃

We also have Mercury moving from one Saturn-ruled sign (Capricorn) to another (Aquarius), but Aquarius benefits from the modern rulership of Uranus which breaks up outmoded ways of thinking (Mercury rules the mind and all matters of information and communication).  Mercury in Aquarius is the inventor, where Mercury in Capricorn is the scientist. Because of Mercury’s retrograde travels over the past few months Mercury has been in Capricorn for a longer time than it would normally travel through a sign. For the next few weeks we are dreaming up new and innovative ideas and adventures.

And now, the week ahead. Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your own locality.

Monday February 14. Speaking of Venus, the patron goddess of Valentine’s Day, she conjoins Mars for much of the week, in Capricorn where they both are very business-like and practical. Tempers and excitement may run high, so this is a good week to do something active with friends and family rather than sit in front of the tv.

Meanwhile the Moon begins the week in Leo, […]

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Astrological news this week: Get ready for a burst of optimism with Jupiter and Uranus

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I have some good news this week!  This harmonious sextile from Jupiter (good fortune and urge for expansion) to Uranus (radical change and breaking free from outmoded paradigms) technically doesn’t culminate until February 17th, but the two are just two degrees from the exact aspect which will continue to tighten over the next couple of weeks.   This is a supremely beneficial aspect for positive change, and will help to awaken any part of us that feels dead and hopeless IF we pay attention.  Mars (action) and Venus (relating) are making harmonious aspects to both Jupiter and Uranus which should help soften some of the difficult energies at work in the world right now.

Speaking of that, the US Pluto Return is tightening the noose as we get closer to the exact alignment on February 20th, 2022. Pluto may be small but its influence is mighty, and it is exerting a powerful force right now. Knowing this will help us not to be too dismayed by the stress and pressure the US is going through right now. If this is new to you and you need to catch up, here are some posts from the past few years about this significant alignment.

Meanwhile, Ceres re-enters Gemini on the 8th after having retrograded back into Taurus for a few months. In Gemini Ceres brings its focus on self-care and wellness into the realm of thinking and communication which fits in very nicely into the story told above!  Over the next few months (until Ceres moves into Cancer in mid-May) it might be useful to tend carefully to the thought patterns and information you take in to be sure they are feeding the soul as well as the […]

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